If you are planning a visit to Milano anytime soon and need a cozy place to unwind and get away from the busy city life, then the new Hygge Café is the perfect place for you! I was so happy to discover this little hidden cozy corner, just what my Scandinavian heart needed.

This coffee place feels more like a home than a café, and the staff is so friendly and welcoming. It is the sort of place where you can easily stop by with a book and sit for hours. The menu consists of their Italian interpretations of Scandinavian classics such as Smørbrød and Cinnamon rolls as well as great coffee.

It reminds me of a café you would find in Scandinavian countries, with the Nordic sense of tranquil. Here in Italy, the coffee culture is a bit different from what I am used to back home, but things are changing. When I first started visiting Milano 7 years ago it was difficult to find these kinds of places where it was acceptable to sit for a long time and enjoy your coffee. The typical Milanese thing to do is to get an espresso and stand at the coffee bar chucking it down before running off again. For us Scandinavians, coffee is something you enjoy and want to last for as long as possible. It is all about having a break, sitting down with a large mug in a calm environment and slow down. Over the last few years I have seen more and more places like this popping up around town, it seems that the busy Italians also are starting to appreciate hygge.

With large windows and lots of green, this is a cozy yet open space. You can sit and look at the world go by outside, or find a little corner to hide away from it all. I love the use of the ceiling space with hanging planters and lightbulbs from branches and copper pipes. The wall artwork with a map and images is a great touch, making it more homely.

Another detail I really liked was these little wooden tables you can use while sitting on the window bench to place your coffee or plate on. Such a cozy and cute idea!

Oh, and did I mention that the Hygge Café is dog-friendly, as most places now are here in Italy. My puppy loved it in there and enjoyed sitting next to me while staring out the window at the busy Milanese people and dogs walking past.

“It is hygge to appreciate the simplicity of everyday gestures, to enjoy pleasant moments with the people you care about, to open up to those that you do not yet know. The Danes call it that, but we wanted to create a small corner in which to share our experiences and welcome yours, perhaps with a good coffee,” – The Hygge Café

My advice: this is a very popular place, especially at lunchtime, so be early or book a table if you are planning a visit. Which I highly recommend you do!

Where >> Via Giuseppe Sapeto 3, Milano, Italy

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad

Hi there! My name is Ingrid Opstad, I am originally from a little town in Norway but currently living near Milan, Italy with my boyfriend & dog. I have a Master Degree in graphic design, but I am also working as a freelance journalist for Scan Magazine. That Scandinavian Feeling is a place for me to share my knowledge and love for Scandinavia; touching upon everything from interiors, design, lifestyle and hygge.


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