I have been on the hunt for a banner flag, and in my search for the perfect one I have come across so many lovely ones on Etsy. In our home we have quite a large white wall that my plan is to fill with a collage of wall art, and these cute banner flags are such a great addition. Now comes the difficult part; to choose which one I want.. Which one would you pick?

Beautiful Explore hand painted brush stroke banner from Darwin & Gray. I love the marble effect on the actual banner, it adds a great touch!


Simplistic hand printed Mountains banner by Small Branches. The text is based on a quote in one of John Muir’s letter to his sister: “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” It is also available with a branch rod which I think is such a nice detail, and is great if you love or long for the mountains..

SmallBranches_i must go_banner_flag_etsy

Cute handcrafted Be Kind banner created by Secret Holiday Co, the perfect reminder to always have love and compassion! It was originally made in 2010 and I have seen it popping up over the years in numerous Pinterest photos.

SecretHolidayCo_be kind_banner flag_etsy

Darling And so the Adventure Begins banner by Array Of Whimsy. I love the hand-lettering on this one, the imperfect and whimsical style.

ArrayOfWhimsy_and so the adventure begins_banner_flag_etsy

Lovely Let’s Stay Home banner by Zana Products, a great reminder to cosy up on the sofa and enjoy quality time at home.

ZanaProducts_lets stay home_banner_flag_etsy

An elegant Oak wooden Good Vibes banner by Things We Left Behind. It would tie very nicely inn with other wood details in our home.

ThingsWeLeftBehind_good vibes_banner_flag_etsy

Beautiful hand sewn Seek Adventure banner by Fox & Lilly inspiring you to explore and seek new adventures. They can also do customised banners with a quote of your choice.

FoxandLilly_seek adventure_banner_flag_etsy

// Photo credit: 1 Zana Products / 2 Darwin & Gray / 3 Small Branches / 4 Secret Holiday Co / 5 Array Of Whimsy / 6 Zana Products / 7 Things We Left Behind / 8 Fox & Lilly




NakNak is a Taiwan-based company with products designed by a group of international designers including Afteroom, Erik Olovsson, John Astbury, Kyuhyung Cho, Matti Klenell, TAF Architects, Yenwen Tseng, Yuko Maki and Yun Li. Most of them have studied in Stockholm and their common idea is to create simple, functional and beautiful objects that help organize your space. The name was inspired by the ‘knock knock’ sound of the metal workshop, and represents the skilled touch of the craftsman and the material used in all of their products. Their aim is to bring organization to life and most of their products are made using wire bending and sheet folding techniques that require great experience and workmanship.

The Q-HOOK is the evolution of the ordinary S-hook. Design company Afteroom created this hook so that it would not fall of easily like the S-hook can, and decided that by changing the shape to looking like the English letter “q” it would grasp the pole better. Clever and pretty!



WIRE NUMBER is a numeral system for outdoor and indoor use. It was designed by Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho and inspired by the beauty of customized door numbers on old streets and downtown neon lights. Every number is unique because of the specialized production method.



The BOX is a perforated sheet metal box that allows people to define its usage themselves. It comes in two different sizes and is therefore easy to arranged so it fits your living or working spaces. It was designed by Yenwen Tseng and comes in white, blue, pink & black.



You can find all of their products here. Simplicity & functionality at its finest!

// Photo credit: NakNak



ingridesign_minimal mini packaging design

I’m all about minimal packaging design teamed up with interesting fonts! Here are a few I’m loving at the moment;

▫️ The gift-packaging boxes from the Swedish clothing store & Other Stories are perfect! Their branding is very clean and nice, with a beautiful hand-written font used on the logo.

▫️ Who doesn’t like getting free samples when they look as good as these from L:A BRUKET? Their packaging design is always on-point.

▫️ The cutest way to showcase earrings by Glitter House. She also has little teardrops and pizza’s!

▫️ I’m going to write all my mini things in this little notebook by Navadesign.

Have you seen any other little packaging gems like these recently?

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad



I love February because everyone is so happy, maybe it’s all the love in the air or just the fact that we all know Spring is fast approaching.. 🌻 I have a feeling it’s going to be a great month.

This beautiful calendar is designed by LISAKATHdESIGN and is free to download on her site. Go check her out and give her some love (she is actually from the same small town in Norway that I’m from!)

You can find this calendar + a to do list here!

// Photo credit: ingridesign