So ever since CEREAL came out with their new Copenhagen city guide I have had even more of an urge to travel there.. Just look at these beautiful images!

The guide features their favourites places, along with a photo essay of the city + personal essays by chef Rene Redzepi and owner of Gubi, Jacob Gubi. There is also a neighbourhood map and a section of additional recommendations from the CEREAL team.

Here is a selection of the stunning spreads from the guidebook;







Did you know they also have city guides for London, New York & Paris, as well as a variety of online guides? You can find them all here.

Now excuse me while I dream of Copenhagen for a bit…

// Photo credit: CEREAL




OSLO is a vegetarian restaurant in Valencia, a little piece of Scandinavia in Spain with a warm and welcoming atmosphere! It is situated inside a 1850 building where you can discover little special areas throughout the space. The designers, Borja García Studio, has respected the atmosphere of the old building with the wooden beams in the ceiling and the brick wall. This combined with the modern and minimal furniture and touches adds the perfect Nordic feel.








// Photo credit: Borja García Studio




Ciao! I’ts been a bit quiet on the blog the last week and the reason is that I’m on holiday around Italy. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (username on both is ingridesign) you might have seen already, but the last days we stayed in a lovely airbnb in Torino city centre. It was in a typical Italian 18th century building, but the apartment itself was quite white and modern, with an industrial vibe and quirky details. I thought I would share some detailed shots I took while there, and if you want to see the full listing you can find it here.














Now I’m off to Alba, so follow along on social media if you want to see more!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad




Earlier this month I spent a lovely week in Norway visiting family & friends, and was so lucky to be there on the hottest week this year to actually experience the Norwegian summer in full. What I love about the Norwegian summer is that on hot days (yes they do exist!) there is still a fresh breeze that keeps you from feeling too hot. On a day like that people tend to spend as much time as possible outside going to the nearest beach or for hikes in the beautiful nature. For me there is nothing like a long walk along the fjord to clear your head and breath in the cool air.

This particular fjord is in Sandnes where I am from, a lovely little place in the region of Rogaland. Even though it is quite small it is actually the 8th largest city in Norway and is located south of the city of Stavanger which is larger and a great place to visit.




And when we are on the subject of water, there is nothing as good as the seafood selection you find in Scandinavia! In my family we always have seafood on Friday evenings, and my dad goes to our local fisherman to purchase freshly caught prawns, crabs and lobsters on his way home from work. It is the best part of the week for sure, so good and healthy.



This time I managed to stop by the Swords in Rock! This 10 meter tall monument of three swords is placed in Hafrsfjord, Stavanger to commemorate the battle that united Norway into one kingdom in 872. It is situated in the beautiful scenery of the Møllebukta area, on the inner part of the fjord where you can also find a popular beach. The monument is really impressive and a popular photo-op for tourists!


I also had a trip into Stavanger where I had a walk around in Fargegata (the colourful street), a must-see! It is a street full of wooden houses in all colours with a very creative and fun vibe. Here you can find a range of cafes, bars and little shops – the perfect place to stop for a coffee or a beer in the summer. I went to Hanekam for a outdoor drink, or utepils as we Norwegians would say. This quirky bar has a very cool and vintage interior, with a lot of little special touches like the sink in the toilet thats made out of a whole drum-set.






And of-course I had to get some deliciously sweet Norwegian strawberries before I left, because it isn’t summer until you do!

Now when its so hot here in Italy I am dreaming about Scandinavian summer days, so I might have to escape back to Norway later this summer.. Stay tuned!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad



INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_wish you were here

I had such a nice time in Norway, the weeks just flew by. Here are some of the many moments that I’ll cherish until next time..

Waking up to this view of the fjord every morning;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_fjord view
Catching up with friends;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_friends
Eating open-faced sandwiches true Scandinavian style;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_smørbrød
Cozying up with woollen socks;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_woollen socks
Family walk in the beautiful Norwegian nature;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_green woods
Discovering new cafe’s like this cool one called TØRST;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_tørst cafe
And visiting an old favourite for a girls night;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_charles & de
The calmness;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_stavanger
Lunch-date with my brother at SABI sushi;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_sushi
Seeing cute wooden houses everywhere you go;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_wood house
Shopping with my Mum;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_my mum
Waking up on Saturday to our tradition of a late family breakfast while listening to a music quiz on the radio;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_duvet

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_troll
Walking past the Stavanger Cathedral;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_stavanger church
Popping into Sjokoladepiken to purchase some delicious chocolate;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_outdoor cafe
Browsing small independent shops in Sandnes;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_inside shop
Eating dinner under this design classic;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_the artichocke
Taking a deep breath and enjoying the beauty;

INGRIDESIGN_norwegian mood_train tracks

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad



INGRIDESIGN_reading outside the MUDEC

Last week I spent 9 hours around the Tortona & Navigli area of Milan. I really like it there so I thought I would share some of the things I did. It is a very trendy up-and-coming area of Milan full of cool café’s, creative shops, streetart & fashionable beautiful people everywhere you go. I would say it’s in a way Milan’s version of Brick Lane; a great place to have a wander if you are like me and in need of some inspiration. My aim of the day was to get to know the area so I decided on not bringing a map or using google maps on my phone. It went surprisingly good and is to me the best was to explore a new area, although it is good to have google maps at hand incase you get really lost.

My day started by taking the underground in to Porta Genova Station, which is right in the middle of where Tortona & Navigli meet and therefore the perfect starting point. It was then time for breakfast, which to me is one of the most important times of the day! I had done a bit of research online beforehand and decided to go to this place called God Save The Food which looked very appealing. They had croissants and cakes and a large colourful selection of smoothies (which I didn’t see until after I had ordered.. *sadface) but in the spirit of all things British I decided on a cute salmon & cucumber finger sandwich. As I was happy to discover that they had soya milk I also ordered a soya cappuccino which was very tasty.

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli GSTF breakfast

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli GSTF cappuchino

It was a nice place to grab breakfast because even though it is very popular and quite a lot of people they all seem to run out the door quite quickly after shooting down their espresso so most of the tables were empty.

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli GSTF interior

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli GSTF interior wall

After breakfast I had a walk around the area for nearly 2 hours exploring and trying to get familiar with it. I discovered that Napapijri has a showroom there (trust the Norwegian to spot the Norwegian flag), saw a lot of cool places I have put on my to-do list for another time and got a bit lost on the hunt for a shop called Bio c’ Bon. I eventually found it and had a browse before I ended up with this little vegan treat.

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli vegan snack

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli MUDEC exterior

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli MUDEC reflection

After the snack I walked a bit more before I arrived at the MUDEC museum and had a look inside to see what it had to offer. Their design store is great, almost like a little art gallery of it’s own, and the bistro was beautiful & modern with a lot of art on the walls. There is also a restaurant on the third floor of the building which I didn’t go in to, but it’s said to be ‘an elegant, exclusive setting for gourmet dining’.

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli MUDEC art wall

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli MUDEC art

As I wasn’t in the mood to walk around inside too much on this sunny day I decided not to go to the exhibition (but noted down that there will be a Barbie exhibition on later this year that I might check out.) I had a little snoop around inside the building though as I was curious to see the interestingly shaped hallway on the second floor.

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli MUDEC stairs interior

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli MUDEC walls interior

I found a lovely yellow chair outside in the courtyard and rested my feet for a bit while I read a book. It was a nice and peaceful place to sit, and that chair was so comfortable!

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli MUDEC outdoor chairs

“A multidisciplinary and multifunctional centre devoted to the world’s various cultures, the Mudec, Museo delle Culture, is designed to become a point of reference in Italy for research, dissemination and entertainment in the fields of art and creativity. The Mudec engages in constant dialogue with the international communities present in Italy so as to ensure broad expression of the multiplicity of cultures involved with no sacrifice of their complexity.” – MUDEC mission statement

At this point I was getting very hungry and as I was close by God Save The Food I decided to go back again for lunch. This time it was very full of people as there are many offices nearby, but there were a few tables still available so I didn’t have to wait too long. I was meeting my boyfriend for lunch and it was a lovely place for a little lunch date, although a bit noisy. My boyfriend had the club sandwich (which looked amazingly good but I forgot to take a photo of) and I had eggs & bacon which was also very good.

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli GSTF lunch plate

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli canal view

After saying goodbye to my boyfriend I headed to the Navigli district which surrounds the city’s historic canals and is the place to go in Milan for an aperitivo. As I was there around 3 and not really ready for a drink (yet) I decided to just walk along the canal in the sun. I have been there many times in the evening, but it is nice to see it when it is all empty during the week.

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli canal

At the end of the Naviglio Grande canal I ended up at the Urban Farmers Market of Milan called Mercato Metropolitano. It is a temporary 16.000 sm. area of streetfood, farmers, artisans and events created within the ‘Outside EXPO’ calendar “EXPOCITTA”. If you are hungry this is the place to go as it has all kinds of both Italian and international food available.

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli mercato metropolitano

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli mercato metropolitano market

Still feeling so full from the lunch earlier I ended up with a refreshing lemonade from one of the stalls and sat on one of the tables reading my book while people watching and enjoying what was left of the day..

INGRIDESIGN tortona & navigli mercato metropolitano pitstop

I really enjoyed the day in Tortona & Navigli, it is such a creative place with so much to discover around each corner. If you have any tips of any places you have been around there let me know so I can put it on my ever-growing list of things to explore!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad