The ScentSouvenir is a cute way for someone to take home or share a unique piece of Norway in the form of scent. It is handmade in Norway using only natural essences, and has therapeutic effects because the aroma of spruce is known to be both grounding & stimulating.

Open the lid, close your eyes and breathe in the true essence of the Norwegian Woods: a blend made from different types of spruce from the deep forests of Østerdalen.

thatscandinavianfeeling_SCENTSOUVENIR nature


The box contains “aroma beads” infused with carefully-selected essential oils, and it comes in a lovely little printed cotton bag with a small brochure inside. Find it here & dream about the Norwegian woods..

// Photo credit: ScentSouvenir



ingridesign_minimal mini packaging design

I’m all about minimal packaging design teamed up with interesting fonts! Here are a few I’m loving at the moment;

▫️ The gift-packaging boxes from the Swedish clothing store & Other Stories are perfect! Their branding is very clean and nice, with a beautiful hand-written font used on the logo.

▫️ Who doesn’t like getting free samples when they look as good as these from L:A BRUKET? Their packaging design is always on-point.

▫️ The cutest way to showcase earrings by Glitter House. She also has little teardrops and pizza’s!

▫️ I’m going to write all my mini things in this little notebook by Navadesign.

Have you seen any other little packaging gems like these recently?

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad




This beautiful bottle of Blossa Frisk containing Swedish gløgg, a traditional Christmas beverage similar to mulled wine, was designed by the Scandinavian Design Group. The elegant use of Scandinavian patterns paired with the gold and green captures the freshness of the product and the nordic feel perfectly.

“We designed a bottle that captivates the light and brightness of summer, communicating the fresh taste of elderflower and citrus – without loosing the cosy feeling of Christmas by adding a traditional pattern and using the original Blossa bottle. The result is a new Blossa, in a recongnizable costume, with a feel of Christmas and summer at the same time.” – Scandinavian Design Group

Since 2003 Blossa has launched an annual limited edition bottle with a new flavour and look, find all of the designs here as well as the new 2015 bottle!


I’m not a massive fan of gløgg in general, but this Christmas I might get one of these Blossa Frisk bottles to try. The fresh elderflower & citrus flavour sounds very tempting.. Plus the bottle would make a great centrepiece on the Christmas table.

// Photo credit: Scandinavian Design Group



Photo by ingridesign

Photo by ingridesign

When travelling back to Italy this week I spotted this new Absolut Honey vodka bottle at Frankfurt Airport. It is the travel retail exclusive limited edition, and is said to ‘capture the liveliness of summer nights in a selection of fresh cocktails’. The idea behind the campaign is that the travelers can create and share a ‘Honey I’m coming home’ GIF, presented through the app PHHHOTO here. I think the bottle and concept is a great idea, and have to applaud Absolut for yet again creating a fun and creative campaign.

ingridesign honey im coming home bee

“Creating an exciting product and a unique brand experience is what Absolut is recognised for across the globe – and that’s what we have achieved with Absolut Honey. It has been crafted with a bold new honey taste, whilst the iconic Absolut bottle artistically expresses the core essence of the flavour. Absolut Honey is all about the essence of a laid back summer and that’s what we have captured within this limited edition vodka.” – Pia Hägglöf



Photo by Dinamo

All photos by Dinamo

Great packaging design of an apple juice designed by Norwegian Dinamo. The apple’s are hand picked from private gardens around Oslo, hence the name Epleslang which means stealing apples (a common word in Norway with no english term I can think of).

Photo by Dinamo

The bottle is attractive and simple, with a lovely black & white illustration of an apple tree created by Peter-John de Villiers of byHands on the label. The label itself is an A4 paper wrapped around the bottle, with a newspaper styled print on the inside containing their story and how you can get involved in the project.

Photo by Dinamo



I’m a sucker for products with great packaging design, so when I saw the OATLY carton in the shop I just had to get it. I was even more excited when I found out it’s Swedish and actually tastes good.

The packaging & rebrand of Oatly was done by the Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors who treated the packaging as an advertisement space for the brand, playing on the fact that a lot of us do shop with our eyes.

All photos by Oatly