All photos by ingridesign

All photos by Ingrid Opstad

Another week, more snaps!

As it was my boyfriends birthday (🎈) we ended up celebrating with friends at BUNS Burger Bar & Restaurant in Monza. They have the most delicious burgers & fries + the cocktails aren’t too bad either. If you want to see some more photos of the place click here for some I posted last time we went for an aperitivo.

ingridesign at buns monza

ingridesign candy at the cinema

As all cinemas here in Italy show dubbed films I was happy to find out that the UCI Cinema in Milan shows a film in English each Wednesday, and took the opportunity to watch the new Jurassic World. I was excited to discover a massive pick & mix candy wall in the cinema, and it even had a big selection of liquorice which warms a Scandinavian heart. The film was amazing and definitely worth watching on the big screen. The cinema oddly had a little break in the middle of the film, I have never experienced that before but it was actually quite nice to have a little breather (or a toilet break for some).

ingridesign at the torredarecord leog tower

When we heard that there would be a massive tower made entirely of LEGO bricks being built in Milan this week, we had to go check it out. When we saw it on Saturday the tower was 22 meter tall, and on the following day it reached a new Guinnes World Record of 35,05 meters! To see some of the photos shared from the event just use the hashtag #TorredaRecord.

ingridesign at ikea temporary midsummer celebration

ingridesign at ikea temporary aperitivo

I have been meaning to go to IKEA Temporary ever since it opened in April and finally had a good excuse to go; they were celebrating Midsummer in true Swedish style. IKEA Temporary is set in a cute little back-alley in Milan, and the space is the perfect setting for an aperitivo while listening to traditional Swedish music and wearing daisy chains in your hair.

While there we also had a walk around inside the space to see what they had to offer. It is like going through a mini version of IKEA, exploring everyday life at home with extra curiosity about life in and around the kitchen. There is a separate area devoted to explore the question ‘how will life in the kitchen and food look in 2025?’ where 50 students from the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre at Lund University and the Eindhoven University of Technology led by IDEO was invited to share their vision. Their ‘A Table For Living’ prototype caught my eye, the idea behind it is that it will help to make us more confident cooks while letting less food go to waste. The table is created so that when you place items on the work surface it tells you what you can cook with the ingredients & how to do it step by step. Such a great concept, and I can see it being very useful in future homes (especially for people like me who needs all the help they can get in the kitchen..) To find out more about Concept Kitchen 2025 click here.

ingridesign at ikea temporary food concept

ingridesign brochure at ikea temporary

“There is so much more to food than food. Simply being together to talk, share, discuss, flirt and argue around the table is just as important as the food itself. This is what we at IKEA are most passionate and curious about: life at home.” – IKEA

The IKEA temporary home is open everyday and worth a visit as there is different events, talks and cook-alongs happening. And most importantly they serve meatballs!

ingridesign at lecco town

Have you ever been to Lecco? If not, then you should put it on your list as it is a very beautiful and romantic place. It is right on the other side of Lake Como, and so nice because it’s not as full of tourists (and expensive) as it can be in Como. We went for half a day to walk around and enjoy the sunshine and fresh sea-breeze, and even found a Gelateria that served vegan ice-cream which made me happy as I recently discovered I am lactose intolerant.

ingridesign at lecco

ingridesign love at lecco

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All photos by ingridesign

All photos by Ingrid Opstad

Here are some of my snaps from the previous week. And what a hot week it was..

The weekend started with us exploring the Burago Streetfood Festival, where we ate a lot of good Italian food and enjoyed all the things the little town had to offer. How cute is it? I am in pastel-heaven.

My favourite thing at the Streetfood Festival was this cute little lime shaped bar! They served all kinds of drinks and cocktails, most of them including either lime, lemon or orange. I tried the delicious & sour orange spritz, and also had a refreshing strawberry slush.

ingridesign limebar burago streetfood festival

Of all the food we tried my favourite was this cute place that served traditional bruschetta with tomatoes along side some tender grilled meat. Yum!

ingridesign burago streetfood festival bracevia

ingridesign burago streetfood festival peppo's

ingridesign claudio in burago

On Sunday we went for a drive and randomly ended up at the MI AMI festival at Magnolia Milano. It is a weekend long outdoor festival with a very relaxed and nice atmosphere. We listened to some great Italian bands including Bianco, News For Lulu & Morgan.

ingridesign at mi ami music festival 2015

ingridesign i got a woman print

I got some of my music icons printed, and had a little photoshoot at home before I added them all to my online shop. Find them here.

This new ingridesign SCANDI tote bag has been my go-to bag this week. It is great quality, and large enough to fit all my essentials including my laptop! Want one too? You can order one (or two..) here.

ingridesign scandi tote bag

ingridesign learning italian grammar

My boyfriend got me this book so I can finally start learning Italian grammar properly. It is full of lectures and exercises to do which is very helpful, but Italian is so hard.. I went out to test what I learned so far ordering a coffee, and this is what I got:

ingridesign fancy coffee

To get ready for the summer I have been trying to eat healthy for lunch which means loads of lovely salads, vegetables and fish. The salmon rolls from IKEA are so delicious I might have to go there at least once a week..

ingridesign ikea salmon lunch

ingridesign salad lunch

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