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// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad




What is that Scandinavian feeling? To me it is a lot of things but at the same time hard to explain and I guess that’s why it is so fascinating and deep in my heart. I have now lived away from Scandinavia for over 7 years, but for some reason the feeling is stronger than ever. It is not about location or origin but simply a mix of cosiness & calm. It is a warm atmosphere that invites you in and makes you feel welcome, but at the same time a cool freshness that hits you like a winter breeze. It is wrapping yourself up in a nice comfy blanket with a hot drink and a cinnamon bun. It is simplicity and minimalism, focusing on the little things in life. It is wooden houses, reindeers, knitted jumpers, fjords & mountains..

So what does that Scandinavian feeling mean to you? Whether you are from Scandinavia or just have a nordic state of mind I’d love to see what you think. To join in and share what gives you that Scandinavian feeling just add the hashtag #thatscandinavianfeeling to your images on Instagram and start browsing. Can’t wait to see!

I will be collecting some images I find each month which to me shows of that perfect Scandinavian feeling and sharing them here. Hopefully it can be a way to inspire each other and discover new accounts or brands and spread hygge all around! To start it off I though I would share a selection of my images to set the mood;









// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad




Easter, or Påske as we say in Norway, has always been one of my favourite holidays and I think its mostly because of the relaxed atmosphere & the fact that the sun finally returns. This time of year marks the end of the winter, and is an important time in Norway giving us a chance to celebrate the arrival of Spring after the long and dark winter. For me Easter is all about family & friends, staying home and of course candy! Its a nice time to spend with the people you love, without the fuss that Christmas can bring..

After browsing my Instagram feed these last days I realised that Easter is such a diverse holiday with so many different traditions around the world, but also from family to family. I love reading about different people’s impressions so I thought I would share some of my own traditions around this holiday with you.

When I was young Easter used to be the time when our family would travel to a cabin in the woods and spend our days cross-country skiing & playing in the snow. In the evening we would be doing card-games, sitting in front of the fireplace and listen to the radio while eating our Easter treats. As I got older this tradition changed slightly as I am not as big of a fan of skiing as I used to be. This Easter I went home to Norway for a looong weekend, in fact Norway has the world’s longest Easter holiday. Instead of skiing we went for walks along the beach (yes we do have beaches in Norway!) or in town, and instead of listening to the radio we would be watching crime series on the TV which is now a massive Norwegian Easter tradition.


One of the things that stayed the same, was the Easter egg! In Norway and also the rest of Scandinavia it has always been the chicken & egg that is the symbol of Easter. Eggs symbolise rebirth and chickens are a symbol of fertility. In Norway we get a beautifully decorated cardboard egg which can be opened to reveal a selection of sweets such as chocolate, marzipan and pick’n mix inside. In my family I would always get this egg at the start of the holiday, and it would usually also have a magazine or a couple of small toys to keep me busy the rest of the time.


When it comes to decorations Norwegians tend to use yellow. Yellow candles, napkins and flowers, especially tulips and daffodils, are common things in any Norwegian home at this time. We also use birch tree twigs and branches for hanging ornaments such as painted eggs. The Goat Willows are a very traditional decoration and is a symbol of Easter for many Norwegians. We basically love bringing the outside in, and celebrating Spring time to the fullest.


Easter Sunday in Norway starts with a good Easter breakfast usually consisting of eggs. We boil and dye or paint them before eating to add a bit extra. Eggs in Norway are usually white, and to get them to look yellow we simply boil them with onion skins! This year as an addition I also used these super cute stickers from Tiger. It was an easy & quick way to decorate them around the breakfast table before tucking in.


Now that Easter is over its time to wait for the next noteworthy Norwegian tradition; the national day on the 17th of May!

Do you have any special Easter traditions in your country or home? I would love to hear more so please share!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad




It’s finally Saturday and time to chill, well at least here! I’m starting a new little post here on the blog to share some links & fun things I have seen during the week that might inspire anyone who has time to spare during their weekend.

1 – Really interesting interview with Kinfolk co-founder Nathan Williams by Dezeen about how they have grown from a little-known independent publication to a household name in less than five years. Read it here.

“If you go through the Kinfolk Instagram there’s not a single photo of a latte,” Williams told Dezeen, “but somehow it’s started and kind of grown as its own thing that is actually completely out of our control.”

2 – Wishing there was a H&M Home near after seeing the new TROPICAL APPEAL trend on their website. Have a browse here or even better; take a trip to your nearest shop this weekend to get some tropical Summer essentials. I’m loving all the bananas & pineapples!

3 – Have a read of the new Spring Feelings issue by Nordic Design Collective, the free online magazine with inspiration from the latest trends in home decor & Scandinavian interior design.

4 – Get inspired by this calm and white Swedish space with beautiful wooden floor found via My Scandinavian Home!

5 – If you need a little DIY project to do this weekend be sure to check out this simple & unique wooden poster hangars by A Beautiful Mess. I might have a go myself when I have the time!



INGRIDESIGN_lights will guide you home

December was such a lovely month, it was great to spend time at home in Norway charging my batteries. Here are some things to look back at & cherish from this winter;

I turned 30, which was not as bad as I thought it would be!


I got those cool balloons from Søstrene Grene btw, they have a great selection of part supplies but also just other random bits & bobs to brigthen your life.

Walking around beautiful Stavanger and looking at all the cute & colourful doll-houses along the harbour. If you haven’t been there I highly recommend it, especially the old town located right next to the city centre with a collection of 18th- and 19th-century white wooden houses. A very idyllic place!



Spent many evenings cozying up on the couch watching Netflix & eating Christmassy treats…

Speaking of treats, I made these super delicious gluten & dairyfree gingerbread bisquits! It was my first time trying to make them from scratch and I’m so proud that they turned out so great, especially since it’s quite hard doing glutenfree baking.. I used this recipe which unfortunately is in Norwegian but there are probably similar ones in English out there.


I received these prints from my dear Instagram friend @oh_corrin which I can’t wait to hang up on the wall.


And I was so lucky to win this super cute DONUT WORRY pin made by the talented Jesiiii on a giveaway hosted by my sweet friend Sprinkledlife.


As it has been very cold I have basically been living in these soft knitted slippers from H&M & woollen jumpers like this one from Oysho..



Other than that I much enjoyed spending some quality time with family & friends, eating good food, exchanging gifts and being merry! Oh and I have been obsessed with pinecones lately..anyone else?


OK now I’m ready for summer.. Please come soon!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad



Scandinavian design & lifestyle by ingridesign

I have been working on curating a flipboard magazine that I am finally sharing with you here on the blog. It is titled Scandinavian Design & Lifestyle, and is a collection of design and lifestyle related articles from both my blog and other inspiring blogs and websites. This is an ongoing project and the magazine will be updated regularly, so feel free to follow along if you are interested in the Scandinavian way of life!

Below is a little sneak-peak of the content. Want to see more? Just click here to read the full magazine. Hope you enjoy it!

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 16.11.54

Flipboard is a great way to read magazines on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can find magazines about anything you fancy and discover stories handpicked by people who share your passions. Here are some other Scandinavian design related magazines;

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 16.23.47