So, it’s been a while since my last DIY post and I thought it was about time to share another one. This time I will try to do it more regularly, so fingers crossed you like it.

Ever since we moved into our new flat I have been searching for a wall lamp for the bedroom. It was so hard to find something I liked, so eventually I decided to create my own lamp so that I could get something unique that would fit into my home. Here is what you need;

💛 1 E27 LIGHTBULB – any shape or size you prefer


The first thing you have to do is to use a drill and make a hole in the top front of the shelf braket, this has to be big enough so that your cord can go though as this will be where the lightbulb hangs from. When this is done, decide where on the wall you would like to hang the lamp and do so. There was a outlet on our wall so I had to use this, but if you don’t have this then make sure you place it near a power socket. If the socket is just below the lamp on the floor then let it hang down and make sure it is long enough to reach before you proceed.

When you have hung up the shelf braket in the position you prefer take the cord and tread it through the hole and around the top of the bracket itself a couple of times. Then attach it to the socket or in my case the outlet on the wall (and if you are doing this make sure you turn off the power..) Lastly place your chosen lightbulb into the socket and voila!




This is quite a easy DIY, you can of course customise even more by using a different kind of bracket, a wooden structure or even branches.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad




In our new flat the ceiling in the living room is so slanted that we can’t have any lights hanging from it. Because of this the last couple of weeks I have been on the hunt for a wall lamp that might work well in the space, but it is proving to be quite difficult to find something suitable. It needs to give good light (obviously) and at the same time look good. On my search I have found quite a few, but not really “the one” yet.. Here are some options;

Initially I thought the CB0211 by House Doctor would be nice. Its very elegant but still minimalistic, and I think it could work well on a large wall. It comes in black and brass.

CB0211_house doctor

Another one in quite a similar style is the Stretch Arm lamp by Bolia. It is very classic and beautiful, and it also comes in white which could blend in with the walls quite nicely.


I also think the Tribeca Warren wall lamp by Menu is lovely. It is inspired by New York City glamour in the late 1930’s, a retro-chic piece of art!


For something a bit more simple and anonomous the Frama’s E27 lamp in copper could be a good choice. It is an industrial and straight forward looking fitting with a textile cord, which can look very cool with a decorative bulb in.


One that I discovered that was quite unique was the Secto 4231 by Secto Design. It is handmade of PEFC-certified formpressed birch in Finland, and the wood provides a soft luminosity for atmosphere and appeal. It has quite an interesting shape, and gives out light both up and down which is a big plus!

Secto 4230

Maybe something along the lines of the Edit wall lamp by Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio could be nice. It has a modern but still classic look, and has the ability to suit a variety of interior styles.


This simple and trendy wall lamp comes from the Danish brand Bloomingville. It would be quite a safe option, either in copper of black.

bloomingville lamp

Have you seen any other lamps that might be good? Any help or advice would be much appreciated on my hunt for the perfect Scandinavian wall lamp.

// Photo credit: 1 Ingrid Opstad / 2 House Doctor / 3 Menu / 4 Bolia / 5 Frama / 6 Uzi Varon / 7 Joanna Laajisto / 8 Bloomingville



All photos by New Works

All photos by New Works

These beautiful pendants designed by Copenhagen based design house New Works has a simple iconic silhouette, and are according to them as adaptable as a chameleon. They come in different materials such as oak, pine, marble, cork, terracotta, steel, concrete and kryptonite as you can see some examples of below.

White marble

White marble

Natural cork

Natural cork

Dark grey concrete

Dark grey concrete

Natural pine

Natural pine

Interested? Just click on the icon below to see their whole lighting collection;