It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… 🎶 And if you haven’t already started with the Christmas decorations I thought I would help by sharing some lovely inspiration from IKEA. They have such a great range of both modern & nostalgic Christmas items, and the best part is that it’s all great value for money.

So here is some of my favourite holiday picks from the website;


The STRĂ…LA pendant lamp gives a warm, cosy glow and spreads the holiday atmosphere in your home.



I’m loving these VINTER 2015 hanging decoration, they are diamond-shaped and comes in assorted pastel colours!



If it’s not snowing outside you can still create that wintery feeling in your window by adding cute snowflake ornaments from twigs. Also, these STĂ–PEN LED candles are so nice (and safe) to put up for instance in any bottles or jars you have. I quite like these ENSIDIG vases used here.

ensidig-vase__0183694_PE334729_S4 copy


And why not bake a traditional gingerbread house in true Scandinavian style using this PEPPARKAKA HUS pack! When I was young we would always build & decorate one, and wait until after New Years Eve when we got to finally smash it so we could eat it.. Yum!


Find the whole festive range here.

// Photo credit: IKEA



INGRIDESIGN_new ikea catalogue 2015

I am currently on a trip home to Norway visiting my family & friends. It’s so lovely to be back in the land of fjords, although the weather is quite different from what I am used to now.. When I got home I was happy to discover the new IKEA catalogue had arrived, so I thought it was a good idea to post some of my favourites from it here on the blog.

I love the KNAGGLIG boxes in untreated pine wood, they are great on their own or stacked together as a custom storage space.

knagglig storage solution_IKEA

The LISABO desk in ash veneer with legs in solid birch gives a warm and natural feeling to your work space. Each desk has its own unique character because of the distinctive grain pattern in the wood surface.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 16.50.44

When putting on makeup and getting ready in the morning it is important to have even lighting without any shadows. That is why the STORJORM mirror with integrated lighting is the perfect bathroom mirror, plus it also looks beautiful.

storjorm mirror_ikea

The DALSHULT / SLĂ„HULT table is so pretty, and the combination of the crossed trestle base in wood and the white table top is so fitting.

dalshult slaghult table_ikea

I like the whole SĂ–ERHAMN sofa series, but especially like how they have created a little cosy nook by using the SĂ–DERHAMN footstool in dark yellow. A lovely little spot to relax and read a good book..

soderhamn footstool_ikea

The TJUSIG hanger comes in white or black and is a great addition to any wall. It is a practical storage space for clothes, bags, hats or anything you want.

IkeaCatalog2016 - tjusig

I think the RANARP floor lamp have a nice industrial feel to it, but also really like the wall / clamp spotlight from the same series.

ranarp floor lamp_ikea

The IKEA 365+ jug in clear glass with cork lid can be used for both cold or hot drinks and is the perfect match with another favourite of mine, the mugs in the same collection.

the365 jug_ikea

And of-course my favourite chairs; the JANINGE chair collection that I wrote about here.

Want to see more? Go to your local IKEA and pick up a catalogue or check out the online catalogue.

// Photo credit: all by IKEA except top image by Ingrid Opstad



Photo by Ingrid Opstad

As a Scandinavian in Italy one of the best places to go is of-course IKEA. It always makes me feel like home no matter where I am (even though I am not Swedish..) This week we had two trips to the IKEA in Carugate near Milan. I love going there as it is very big and I always spot new products before anywhere else. This time what caught my eye was the new bamboo stands for tablets and / or books called RIMFORSA. The stand can be used on your worktop or desk, or you can even hang it on the wall for more space when cooking. It has a modern and simplistic look, and is very sturdy so it doesn’t fall. “When I designed RIMFORSA I wanted to inspire people to cook – and help make the kitchen a practical place for preparing food together with family and friends. With RIMFORSA organisers I wanted to make it easier to store and display fruits and spices in a beautiful way. The stainless steel together with bamboo brings a modern style with high quality, and is a step towards a more sustainable use of materials.” – EhlĂ©n Johansson

Photos by IKEA

Photo by IKEA

The packaging of the new FRĂ–ER seeds range is so cute and colourful, and makes me wish I had green fingers. Maybe these sets will make it easier for me to try to grow something..

Photo by ingridesign

Photo by ingridesign

I also liked the new range of outdoor decorative lightning called SOLVINDEN based around apples and pears. How cute is this pear-shaped lighting chain?

Photo by ingridesign

Photo by ingridesign

The Italian IKEA’s always have an amazingly good selection of coffee and cakes, so we had to make a pitstop; mocaccino coffee’s, Swedish Easter cake and chocolate crostata cake.

Photo by ingridesign

Photo by ingridesign

On the way out we had to have a browse through the food section where I discovered that now they sell frozen waffles which made me very happy. So handy for the times you just want a little waffle heart but don’t have the time to make it.

Photo by ingridesign

Photo by ingridesign




All images by IKEA

Image & artwork by IKEA

IKEA has just released an emoji keyboard, a new app with over 100 emoticons that can be downloaded for iPhone and Android devices.

“Men and women have always found difficulty in communication. In the home situation misunderstandings occur most around clutter. And that is why IKEA introduces Emoticons: a communication tool to ensure universal love and understanding in your home. All your hints, desires and questions will be understood right away. Give it a try. Start spreading happiness.” – IKEA

ikea emoticons app

I think this is a great idea and all the emoticons are so cute, but the problem is that it doesn’t work like real emoticons would. When using the keyboard you have to paste the picture into your message after selecting it, resulting in it appearing as an image rather than an emoticon. That’s a little disappointing, as it would be so nice to be able to use these as actual emoticons when writing messages. But I understand that this is mostly created for marketing and also for the funny factor, so well done again IKEA! (Who doesn’t remember the IKEA catalogue launch video Bookbook, hilarious! They are on a roll..)



Photo by Jonas Lindstöm

Photo by Jonas Lindstöm

Swedish design studio Form Us With Love recently designed the affordable & stackable JANINGE chair collection for IKEA, and I am in love with the clean, simple & modern design.

“The great idea behind the JANINGE collection is the democratization of design, to create a durable construction, based on the needs of both domestic and public environments” – IKEA

“Our collaborative objective was to find the perfect multi-purpose chair, easy to fall in love with and quick to maintain” – Form Us With Love


Photo by Jonas Lindström

Photo by Jonas Lindström

JANINGE comes in light grey, crisp white, and bright yellow (my favorite!) and is a mix of 75% polypropylene, 75% glass fiber and 25% pigment. It can be used both indoor and outdoors.