If you need a new water pitcher, kettle, water bottle or other homeware items look no further. Stelton, the Danish design company with strong roots in the Scandinavian design tradition, has a great selection of minimalist products with a retro vibe. I am especially loving the new pastel colours seen in their Spring collection.

Stelton is a brand with long traditions in Scandinavian homes and has managed to capture the hearts of design lovers since the late 1960s. Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Cylinda-line in stainless steel for Stelton launched in 1967 was based on his philosophy that ”good design should be available for everyone”. Today five decades later, the series has become the essence of Stelton’s design DNA. The Cylinda-line features selected items coated in beautifully coloured enamel to celebrate its 50th Anniversary with an array of soft colours; ocean blue, dusty teal, powder and smokey blue.

The Emma pitcher reminds us of the classic Danish steel pitchers of the 1950s, reinterpreted for today in a sculptural and classic design. This beautiful pitcher is an addition to the Emma collection. How pretty is the Emma electric cordless kettle with the same retro style?

The Circle water bottle is a handy reusable bottle in glass, with a pure and unique design. With a unique open/close function in form of a beautiful circular stopper, the bottle is easy to hold and to drink from.

The To Go Click cup has a ”smart click” function that lets you open and close it easily, and you can drink from the full 360 degrees of the cup as if there were no lid. A great way to enjoy hot or cold drinks without spills when you’re on the move or while traveling.

This year we can find the iconic EM77 vacuum jug designed by Erik Magnussen in 1977 in new bright colours sand, dusty green and light grey. The colours are inspired by Scandinavian evenings by the sea and sandy beaches with gentle summer breezes.

// Photo credit: Stelton




Danish ferm LIVING just revealed their new furniture, homeware and accessories collection at this month’s Northmodern event in Copenhagen. This new Autumn / Winter collection is called SUBTLE DWELLING and consists of beautiful, functional and well-designed lifestyle pieces.

“Channelling an artisan approach, the collection focuses on simple shapes brought to life with textural surfaces, contrasting finishes and a colour palette that juxtaposes vibrant and contrasting hues with layers of tonal shades and monochrome colourways. Subtle designs evoking a quiet moment for rest and contemplation, dwelling into a personal space of shape, colour and texture.” – ferm LIVING

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection, but you can view the catalogue here.


First of all, I love the whole innovative and interchangeable lighting system COLLECT LIGHTING. The idea is great, the range allows you to create your own beautiful lighting solutions by mixing and matching the pieces together.


My favourite furniture has to be the grey HERMAN LOUNGE CHAIR, a beautiful lounge chair crafted from oak veneer set on a powder coated metal base. With its low design features, a oval base and a backrest that wraps around the body it is created to give maximum sitting comfort. Plus it looks very stylish!


Another great new addition to their furniture range is the MINGLE TABLE TOP, above in light grey with the MINGLE TRESTLEST in the colour ochre. The table is elegant and contemporary, and you can combine any top with the corresponding trestles in either one of the six carefully chosen colours to create a dining table or desk for your home.


The PUNCTUAL SHELVING SYSTEM here in grey is also another great addition, especially this 2X6 low version. The metal elements comes in different heights and a lovely selection of soft colour hues.


The collection is also full of great homeware items, like these stunning ASYMMETRIC CUTTING BOARDS. They are cut from solid oak, then smoked to get a dark finish. They are perfect to use as presentation platters and have a handy hole if you want to hang them up in your kitchen. Available in three different sizes and shapes to use on their own or together.


I’m always on the hunt for tins to store cakes and biscuits, and the new CONFETTI TIN BOXES are so adorable. The set consists of three boxes in different sizes and colours all decorated with ferm LIVING’s 10th anniversary confetti print with gold details in a matte finish. Simply gorgeous.


The selection of CAST IRON CANDLE HOLDERS with minimalistic design and lovely textures are so beautiful alone or styled with other items from the collection. The holder is weighty, holds a single candle and comes in a selection of colours and sizes. I particularly am fond of the spotted version on the far left.


How great are these graphic BRUSH TEA TOWELS? They come in a set of three and are printed with hand drawn designs of wavy and straight lines with swirling brushstrokes. A functional way to add some colour and fun to your kitchen space.


And last but not least, I adore the new range of SCENTED CANDLES in ceramic pot with a reactive glazed finish. Fill your room with the warming fragrance of fig and choose from a selection of colours, my favourite being the running blue version.

// Photo credit: ferm LIVING




This weekend is the Midsummer celebrations which is quite a big deal in Scandinavia because it marks the beginning of the summer and finally brighter days! If you want to learn more about how the Swedes celebrate it then check out this Short and pretty guide to celebrating midsummer, Swedish style by my fellow Scandi blogger My Scandinavian Home.

As midsummer is all about floral crowns, beautiful cocktails and fun I though I would share this fun and creative way of serving your drinks. I love the idea of the MyFlavour water carafe by Eva Solo. It has a skewer in the lid, which means that you can easily add all kinds of aromas to your drink or water if you are not serving an alcoholic drink. It is so clever and also very decorative, and the good thing is that the skewer makes it easy to remove the fruit and greenery from the carafe when you are done using it. I think I need to get one of these, would be so handy when making Aperol Spritz, which is basically my favourite summer drink!





Happy Midsummer and hope you have a lovely weekend.

// Photo credit: 1 Ingrid Opstad / 2 My Full House / 3 Christina Binau Bonnor / 4 Andrea Gravningen / 5 The Impressionista DK



🍂 I recently purchased this set of Sjuda trivets from IKEA, and thought they are so much fun. Originally I planned on buying the original round ones, but when I spotted the cute design of these new ones I was sold straight away.

Design: The trivets are designed by Lisa Ullenius and are made of a renewable cork material. The pattern is beautiful minimalistic and compliments the leaf-like shape perfectly.

Product: You can either use them on their own or combine several to fit larger pots and dishes. I think they could be great for creating a cool wall art pattern or a cool pinboard. They are easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth. If you are on the hunt for affordable yet quirky trivets then I recommend these ones!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad



ingridesign_designletters HI

This typography was drawn by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen in 1937, but it still communicate a very modern minimal look today. The monochrome style is consistent through the whole range of DESIGN LETTERS products such as cups, plates, teapots, tea towels, notebooks, pencils and more.

I love the mugs, I have one with an I (my initial) and one with a C (my two loves in life – my boyfriend & coffee..) They are the perfect size and also comes with lids if you want to use them as a container instead.

ingridesign_designletters C

Here is a selection of some of the many items available with the iconic vintage ABC lettering on, find them all here.

ingridesign_designletters products

Did you know that the letters were originally created for internal signage at the Aarhus City Hall?

// Photo credit: 1 & 2 Ingrid Opstad / 3 DESIGN LETTERS



mormor series normann copenhagen

Mormor Porcelain by Normann Copenhagen is a sweet and nostalgic homeware series for the modern kitchen with clear references to the traditional Scandinavian style. Structures and patterns from well-known kitchen items such as table-cloths and tea towels creates the visual expression. It was designed by Danish Gry Fager who says:

”I really like combining different things. What motivates me is developing good ideas for everyday things which people enjoy using and having in their homes. To me the aesthetic is a matter of course and its function is a must. With Mormor, the kitchen is the place where everything starts, the central nervous system of the house where people all gather. I have been inspired by the atmosphere and the character of the kitchen, particularly older kitchens from my grandmother’s time and I have transferred the kitchen clichés into a modern context.”



Find the whole collection here.

// Photo credit: Normann Copenhagen