As you may know already fashion brand COS and furniture company HAY launched their first joint range last year, and now they have added new items to their collaborative range. Refresh your home for Spring with the new collection full of soft pastel shades and light wood.

This collaboration is a match made in heaven, a beautiful mix of Danish & Swedish style!

“We were very pleased with the reaction from our customers on the collaboration with HAY, we have always admired what HAY do and share many of its values. We like to describe it as HAY seen through the eyes of COS.” – Martin Andersson (head of design at COS)





You can shop the new COS×HAY Spring collection online or at any of their London High Street Kensington, Vienna Neubaugasse and Gothenburg stores.

// Photo credit: COSxHAY




How stunning is this prototype of a plant-friendly shelf by the duo behind the Finnish design blogs WEEKDAYCARNIVAL & Pinja Colada?

The Botanic Shelf is a simple and aesthetic piece of furniture, a multifunctional storage for your home’s green plants and other objects. With the keywords simplicity, modernity and playfulness it has a design that will fit into any Scandinavian home and various different spaces.


“The Botanic shelf brings together the balance of form and function. The warm oak wood and solid brass shelves create timeless design. The Botanic shelf enables multiple options, which makes it a pragmatic interior solution to today’s increasing needs”

Fingers crossed it gets into production soon!

// Photo credit: Riikka Kantinkoski




I came across the REST key holder online and fell in love. It is handmade using oak tree covered with gold leafs for a beautiful effect. The key holder has 3 gold coated power magnets underneath, where you can put your keys.

“The REST key holder is a symbolic key holder in many ways. It is designed to remind you of to leave your problems at the front door. It also happens to be that REST in Danish (as well as German) means residues. And this is excatly what the REST key holder is made of: wood residues.” – Yndlingsting


Yndlingsting is a Danish brand that creates products designed and crafted with love to enrich your life and bring a touch of magic to your home. They believe in authentic interior design, because slow living is according to them a choice of lifestyle not a trend.

The captivating print on top of the key holder is also by Yndlingsting, and is a limited edition print from their notebook My Daily Adventure. Find it and all of their other products here.

Not_all_that_wander_are_lost-Yndlingsting-AFTC copy

// Photo credit: Yndlingsting



After looking for a while now for a space of our own we finally found it. It is in the perfect location in a cute little town here in Italy with good connections and a train station nearby so that it will be easy for me to get around. It is quite a small and cute flat, but it has everything we need. When looking for a flat we (or shall I say I) had a few criteria’s when it came to the flat itself, and I am happy to say that this one ticks most of the boxes.

White space; I was looking for a flat with white walls to fit in with my minimal Scandinavian style. Sort of a blank canvas that will make the furnitures and objects we put in it stand out. This flat not only have white walls everywhere, they are also quite interesting too. As it is located on the top floor of a typical Italian building it has a lot of slanted walls / ceilings which adds characters and charm. It will definitely be a challenge to decorate with it, but we just have to be creative and find good solutions.

Wooden floor; I am a massive fan of wooden floor. Growing up in Norway you rarely find a house or flat without it. I love the comfort and look of wooden floors, and it fits very nicely together with white walls. Our new flat doesn’t tick this box hundred prosent as the floor looks like wood but in fact its not.. Here in Italy its common to have tiles on the floor, and that is after my understanding because it has a cooling effect on those warm summer days. It does mean however that in the winter here in the North of Italy it can be freezing, and woollen socks are a must! Our floor is a new type of ceramic made to look like light wood, and it sure does as I thought it actually was wood when we went to the viewing before touching it. The good thing with it is that we get the positive aspect from both worlds; it looks good but it’s better suited for the climate here in Italy. And even better, there is underfloor heating everywhere, which will be nice and warm in the winter but can give off a coolness in the summer. Perfect!

Here is a little sneak peak of the space, as you can see the slanted ceiling gives an interesting and quirky vibe to the modern and white space.

Natural light; As I work from home and take a lot of photos at home it needed to have good natural light. The living room has two large doors that we can open up and the sun is shining in that way during the day. Which then leads me to…

Outdoor area; One thing I said when living in Italy was that to have some sort of outdoor area, either a balcony or a terrace would be great. When we lived in London we had a lovely outdoor terrace but it was hardly ever used because of the typical British weather.. Now we have four (!) balconies, ok they are all tiny but at least I’m sure we can fit two tiny chairs and a tiny table of some sort on one. And being in Italy where the sun almost always shines I am sure we will get a lot of use of them, or even just have the doors open to open up the space a bit. Note to self; research tiny balcony solutions!

I can’t wait to share how I will make this place our little Scandinavian home here in Italy. For now, here is a little moodboard I put together to start the process!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad




Today the Danish store Søstrene Grene launched their new spring interior collection in stores with the keywords creativity, colour, nature, wood, basketwork & soft textiles.

This season is inspired by the ’60s & ’70s colour and patterns + soft Scandinavian bohemian styling. With a relaxed style that exude personality and comfort to enjoy good living.






Psst; check their website for a super quick DIY on how to make a paper towel holder from these ceramic candle holders!


You can see the whole collection online here or follow along on their Instagram where they post new products, DIY and styling tips daily.

// Photo credit: Søstrene Grene



how are you_wood texture pillow

Loving the simplicity & nordic expression of these pillows by the swedish design duo HOW ARE YOU. They are a part of their MAKING HARD THINGS SOFT collection & their philosophy is simple; ‘we do this for fun and we only do things we like and hopefully you like it too.’

how are you_white marble texture pillow

thatscandinavianfeeling_how are you_concrete texture pillow

thatscandinavianfeeling_how are you_cracks texture pillow

thatscandinavianfeeling_how are you_wood texture pillow

Click here to see all of the pillows from the collection! That wood textured one is definitely on my wishlist..

// Photo credit: HOW ARE YOU