Danish ferm LIVING just revealed their new furniture, homeware and accessories collection at this month’s Northmodern event in Copenhagen. This new Autumn / Winter collection is called SUBTLE DWELLING and consists of beautiful, functional and well-designed lifestyle pieces.

“Channelling an artisan approach, the collection focuses on simple shapes brought to life with textural surfaces, contrasting finishes and a colour palette that juxtaposes vibrant and contrasting hues with layers of tonal shades and monochrome colourways. Subtle designs evoking a quiet moment for rest and contemplation, dwelling into a personal space of shape, colour and texture.” – ferm LIVING

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection, but you can view the catalogue here.


First of all, I love the whole innovative and interchangeable lighting system COLLECT LIGHTING. The idea is great, the range allows you to create your own beautiful lighting solutions by mixing and matching the pieces together.


My favourite furniture has to be the grey HERMAN LOUNGE CHAIR, a beautiful lounge chair crafted from oak veneer set on a powder coated metal base. With its low design features, a oval base and a backrest that wraps around the body it is created to give maximum sitting comfort. Plus it looks very stylish!


Another great new addition to their furniture range is the MINGLE TABLE TOP, above in light grey with the MINGLE TRESTLEST in the colour ochre. The table is elegant and contemporary, and you can combine any top with the corresponding trestles in either one of the six carefully chosen colours to create a dining table or desk for your home.


The PUNCTUAL SHELVING SYSTEM here in grey is also another great addition, especially this 2X6 low version. The metal elements comes in different heights and a lovely selection of soft colour hues.


The collection is also full of great homeware items, like these stunning ASYMMETRIC CUTTING BOARDS. They are cut from solid oak, then smoked to get a dark finish. They are perfect to use as presentation platters and have a handy hole if you want to hang them up in your kitchen. Available in three different sizes and shapes to use on their own or together.


I’m always on the hunt for tins to store cakes and biscuits, and the new CONFETTI TIN BOXES are so adorable. The set consists of three boxes in different sizes and colours all decorated with ferm LIVING’s 10th anniversary confetti print with gold details in a matte finish. Simply gorgeous.


The selection of CAST IRON CANDLE HOLDERS with minimalistic design and lovely textures are so beautiful alone or styled with other items from the collection. The holder is weighty, holds a single candle and comes in a selection of colours and sizes. I particularly am fond of the spotted version on the far left.


How great are these graphic BRUSH TEA TOWELS? They come in a set of three and are printed with hand drawn designs of wavy and straight lines with swirling brushstrokes. A functional way to add some colour and fun to your kitchen space.


And last but not least, I adore the new range of SCENTED CANDLES in ceramic pot with a reactive glazed finish. Fill your room with the warming fragrance of fig and choose from a selection of colours, my favourite being the running blue version.

// Photo credit: ferm LIVING




How stunning is this prototype of a plant-friendly shelf by the duo behind the Finnish design blogs WEEKDAYCARNIVAL & Pinja Colada?

The Botanic Shelf is a simple and aesthetic piece of furniture, a multifunctional storage for your home’s green plants and other objects. With the keywords simplicity, modernity and playfulness it has a design that will fit into any Scandinavian home and various different spaces.


“The Botanic shelf brings together the balance of form and function. The warm oak wood and solid brass shelves create timeless design. The Botanic shelf enables multiple options, which makes it a pragmatic interior solution to today’s increasing needs”

Fingers crossed it gets into production soon!

// Photo credit: Riikka Kantinkoski




I’m in love with this modern Scandinavian armchair designed by Swedish NOTE Design Studio for Fogia. The contrast between the hard metal frames and the upholstery in soft textile gives it a beautiful and gentle look.



It is available in two standard colours, but can also be ordered in different RAL Classic colours at additional cost. Find it here.

// Photo credit: Mathias Nero



Photo by Fredericia Furniture

Photo by Fredericia Furniture

The Spokeback Sofa was created by Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen in 1945, and is seen as one of his most popular models. It has sides that can be lowered by leather straps turning it into a daybed, and has a Scandinavian sophisticated look. The sofa is manufactured by Fredericia Furniture, and is available in both leathers and fabrics.



Photo by ingridesign

Photo by Ingrid Opstad

“Let’s make places. Let’s make them extraordinary. Let’s make them full of life and lust, delight and wonder. Let’s make them daring and unusual. Foolish and spectacular. Different and amazing. Let’s make them original. Let’s make them us. Let’s make the places where we love to live.” – Bolia

Had a little browse around at Bolia yesterday and found quite a lot of great items, both new and old. This Landscape Daybed for instance is so lovely with it’s clean and simple lines, perfect for daydreaming or a little snooze. The backrest is designed to look like a mountain top, and gives a nice Scandinavian feel to any space. Pair it with this cool Orla Wall lamp for a match made in heaven.

Photo by Bolia

Photo by Bolia

Some other favourites from the catalogue below:

White soap oak work station, foldable for maximizing space

WorkBox Bolia

Lacquered oak veneer table top with yellow steel frame, with storage space inside for pillows, blankets etc

Comb round

Soft and cosy graphic blanket with matching pillows

Goodevening plaid bolia

Ceramic handmade iPhone speaker with a shape that amplifies the sound

Megaphone bolia

Re-interpetation of the classic Scandinavian “settekasse” compositor wall shelf with rooms in different sizes for a graphic feel

Caja bolia


All photos by Bolia

All photos by Bolia

Treetop pendel / Marble cutting board / Kewl clutch, iPad cover & pencil case / PieceOfNature iPhone cover / Alf stool