I had the pleasure of having a little chat with Satu Enstedt, the woman behind the Finnish brand Sagalaga Design. Their designs are born from life’s magical moments and the depths of timeless time. She gets inspired by the simple aesthetics of Finland, creating beautiful Scandinavian products with the nature at heart.

Q1 // How did Sagalaga Design start? Can you tell us a bit about your creative background and how the brand was created?

Sagalaga Design started in 2013 by baby steps. I was working as a creative freelancer for clients and I felt I needed to create something on my own. Sagalaga, as a word, didn’t leave me alone, so I trusted my instinct and that’s how Sagalaga Design was created. ‘Saga’ has been my childhood nickname and it means story / fairytale which I would like to believe can be found in my design style as well.

I studied Fine Art, Graphic Design & Textile Design while working on many different kind of creative projects before Sagalaga Design. I think the result is a good combination of all projects from my past.

Q2 // What inspires you in your design process?

Unexpected things in quiet moments are the best. I think my head is constantly working on something new and when the mental process is ready to come out, I start to work with an idea on paper. The idea can basically come from anywhere around us. There´s always a story behind every illustration or pattern, even though it may not be that obvious at first. Little joy for your everyday life, as our slogan says.

Q3 // In what way does your Scandinavian heritage affect your style?

I spent my childhood playing around in old pine forest close to our house and we also had a summer cottage in a small island at Finnish archipelago. I think nordic nature with all its scents, forms and lines are still affecting me and can be seeing as a minimalistic Scandinavian style and functional products.

Q4 // Are you currently working on any new designs, and if so can you give us a little insight?

Yes, I´m currently working with new patterns and designs, new products are coming out soon. The latest will be our cosmetic bag and two smaller purses. These will be out this Spring and we are quite excited about them!

Q5 // How do you like to relax, how do you hygge?

I relax with friends and loved ones spending quality time together. Cooking together, spending time by the sea or doing a picnic in the forest is to me the best thing you can do.

KUUSI tray: Silent, winter woods, snow on spruce. This pattern is inspired by the beautiful winter forest with heavy snow on trees. The Finnish word KUUSI means spruce. TUIKE candle holder: This wooden candle holder is made out of Finnish birch. You can have a small piece of Finnish forest twinkle at your home and bring you special nordic atmosphere. The Finnish word TUIKE means twinkle.

Both the KUUSI tray and the TUIKE candle holder are available from their online store along with a lovely selection of other trays, textiles, paper and wood products.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad



I have been eyeing out this place for a while, it simply is gorgeous and a great excuse for any Scandi lovers to take a trip to Paris.. The Koti hotel is a pop-up experience taking place in Paris for 100 days from January to May 2017 at the Institut Finlandais, a big sleepover in Finnish cabins!

The concept is simple; it’s a living art installation celebrating the Finnish home. There are 6 different cabins, during the day they are open to public viewing and in the evening they are available for guest to use. There is a daily schedule for all guests starting with quiet time & morning showers before a Finnish breakfast is served at a large communal table with specialities such as rye bread, salted butter and Finnish berries.

Getting back to nature in simple cabins can help us escape the busy everyday life and reconnect with family & friends. And the Finnish people are very good at just that, they like to enjoy frequent visits to the cabin as an essential part of everyday life. It really is a lovely way to relax and get away from the pressure and stress of daily life.

“Be our guest at Koti and escape the hectic pace of modern life. Savour the luxury of simplicity, the importance of home and the value of sharing unforgettable new experiences. Sleep in your very own cottage and indulge yourself with tranquility and communal hospitality right in the heart of Paris.” – Koti

You can book your stay through Airbnb. Because who wouldn’t want to have a sleepover in Finland, and waking up in Paris?

// Photo credit: Koti




This Carry Me Home side table is to me the perfect table for anyone with limited space. It is made of two parts, a tripod and a tray, and is foldable so you can store it away if not needed. It is also easy to move around using the nice leather handles on the side. I would love to get breakfast served in bed on this cute side table..

It is designed by Andbros, a design company of four creatives based in Helsinki, Finland. They believe good design doesn’t have to be serious to be taken seriously, and their products always have a hint of playfulness in them to cheer up your home. Great philosophy if you ask me!



// Photo credit: Andbros




How stunning is this prototype of a plant-friendly shelf by the duo behind the Finnish design blogs WEEKDAYCARNIVAL & Pinja Colada?

The Botanic Shelf is a simple and aesthetic piece of furniture, a multifunctional storage for your home’s green plants and other objects. With the keywords simplicity, modernity and playfulness it has a design that will fit into any Scandinavian home and various different spaces.


“The Botanic shelf brings together the balance of form and function. The warm oak wood and solid brass shelves create timeless design. The Botanic shelf enables multiple options, which makes it a pragmatic interior solution to today’s increasing needs”

Fingers crossed it gets into production soon!

// Photo credit: Riikka Kantinkoski




How pretty is this ‘MOOSE’ cuttingboard by Mooncake? The moose and illustration style gives it the perfect Scandinavian mood. It can be used as a cuttingboard, to serve little treats on or even as art on a kitchen shelf or wall. It was drawn by hand in Finland by Martina Münch and produced in Sweden.

You can find it for sale here alongside other lovely designs by Mooncake.

// Photo credit: riku kankaro