Last week was such a fun but exhausting week, its nice now to sit down and reflect on everything I saw during the Milano Design Week. I tried to visit as much as possible, and one of my absolute favourite places was the HAY exhibition in the Brera Design District. Here Danish HAY along with was launching new products in an interesting setting; the old gym La Pelota.


The HAY showroom was located in a picturesque typical Milanese courtyard with fairy-lights and a lot of green. It was the perfect setting for introducing the new Palissade Collection of outdoor furniture by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Not only do they look great, they are also very comfortable to sit in as I discovered when I finally could find one that was not occupied on this busy day. The collection consists of chairs, stools, bar stools, and benches. It was designed to fit a wide range of environments and comes in light grey, anthracite & olive.

HAY-news-2016-Palissade Collection-chair

HAY-news-2016-Palissade Collection-bench


The first thing you found when entering the space is the HAY Mini Market, a market displaying all of the smaller design items and accessories by HAY. The concept is inspired by the small markets you can find when traveling to India, Turkey, Thailand and China; those places that seems to have everything from toothpaste to scissors. It was actually debuted in 2014 in Milan and has since popped up in major cities like London, Paris, Tokyo and New York. Today there are more than 30 Mini Markets around the world, and if you are lucky to live near one you should definitely plan a visit.

This year at Milano Design Week the Mini Market was selling all the classic items along with a lot of new products. HAY founders Rolf & Mette Hay have selected a range of products around the concept of traveling, such as neck pillows, tote bags, washables, earplugs and a jewellery purse. There was also a number of beautiful new notebooks by Clara von Zweigbergk and Nathalie du Pasquier on display as well as new cups and vases by Jessica Hans. HAY had also asked some of their favourite designers to contribute to the Mini Market with designing a poster which was sold during the exhibition.

Another new product in the Mini Market, and something I managed to pick up myself, is the Tann toothbrushes designed by Norwegian Andreas Engesvik together with Jordan. It is simplistic and beautiful, every design geeks dream, and was in-fact the bestselling item through the week.

A big bonus when making a purchase at this years Mini Market was that you get one of these pretty tote bags designed by British artist Richard Woods with one of his iconic prints on. Even the receipt was handed to you in a lovely little paper pouch, a great little detail.



Inside past the Mini Market and a pop-up restaurant by Chef Frederik Bille Brahe in the main part of the space HAY was exhibiting both old and new products. Here everything was displayed in individual rooms created in the large space and connected by steps. This was a great way to walk around and view everything, as you could see the rooms from up high looking down or enter them to explore more. They cleverly created ten independent environments, all quite different in colour, layout and with different products displayed, a little world of HAY.




The Can sofa by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec aesthetically, physically and philosophically light. It is made from three basic elements, a steel frame, a set of upholstered cushions and the canvas. The sofa comes flat-packed to be assembled at home, perfect for today’s customers who want things in a quick and simple way.

“For this concept of Can, to avoid having too much structure, we decided to span a canvas onto the structure. By spanning the fabric you make something quite strong, which is going to hold, while at the same time that is soft enough to partially react to the life of the fabric.” – Erwan Bouroullec


The new PC task lamp designed by Pierre Charpin is simplistic with a round polycarbonate head, and a base made from aluminium. It has a friendly look and the arm is very sturdy so it keeps its position wherever it is moved. Actually it took three years to get to the final product, a long and slow process of transformation that has resulted in a beautiful and simple piece of design.

“One of the characteristics of the typology is that many of the same lamps could be found in the same area, one next to another. It is often the case in the work space, for example. This has to be considered for its design. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to design a very simple object, to allow more lamps to coexist in the same space without creating an aesthetic saturation.” – Pierre Charpin


The 13Eighty chair by Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings is a plastic moulded chair named because of the 1380 holes perforating the shell of the seat. It is a chair for both indoor and outdoor use depending on which base you choose for it, and the holes are added to help water drain off. The seat is stackable, the legs comes either in powder-coated steel or wooden and you can get it with or without arm rests.

“The tiny holes give the chair a characteristic aesthetic, where the transparency and play of light and shadows add to the chair’s expression, while the variations in the sizes of the holes bring a sense of movement to the visual appearance.” – Scholten & Baijings


This cute new silicon trivet are modular and can be used individually or together to create a larger runner. It was designer by Shane Schneck, and this year he has created a number of items focusing on the kitchen for HAY such as a wine and bottle opener, a ‘deconstructed dishrack’ as well as this trivet.

“Everything you bring into your space is a statement of who you are and how you have collected your life. I really like the idea of taking these mundane objects and creating something which is authentic and useful.” – Shane Schneck


The Ruban mirrors by Inga Sempé is a collection of rectangular mirrors framed by different brightly coloured ribbons. They come in five different sizes, which can be hung up on their own or placed together in a group.

“I designed those mirrors because I was interested in finding a system to have a light but not raw glass mirror.” – Inga Sempé


Pivot by Lex Pott comes in different variants that you can explore in many different ways. It is made in powder coated steel and it is available in different colours as well as this new version with mirror glass.


You can find more HAY products on their website, including the also new cool Tilt Top table!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad




As I mentioned in my last post, this year Muuto is celebrating 10 years of new perspectives on Scandinavian design! And they are doing this by launching quite a few new designs and also sharing their stories from behind the scenes. A lot has happened in the first years of the Muuto story. 10 years ago the two Danes Peter Bonnén and Kristian Byrge sat down to rethink Scandinavian design, and as a result the interior design company Muuto was born. The duo wanted to create a new chapter in the Nordic design legacy, under the slogan New Nordic. They hand-pick leading contemorary designers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and given them the freedom to design products of high quality and great functionality with the Muuto creative team. Their collection today truly celebrates the beauty of simplicity and the true Scandinavian style that so many of us love.

“New Nordic isn’t merely a slogan or a description of the collection. It’s a commitment by Muuto to let the brand grow dynamically with the emerging ideas and concerns of young Nordic designers. The term also functions as an invitation, a challenge and a motivation to us as designers.” – Anderssen & Voll




I was lucky to be present on Tuesday when they were having a toast to their last 10 years in their stand at Salone Del Mobile. There was a DJ, free popcorn & drinks and you could meet the designers and team Muuto. All in all it was a great atmosphere and it was topped off by great goodie bags including the iconic the DOTS coat hook designed by Norwegian Lars Tornøe.

The DOTS were actually one of the first Muuto pieces ever created back in 2006. Since its launch it has become a classic and highly recognisable design item with more than a million DOTS in different colours and sizes worldwide. It is a piece of design that is easy to arrange on your wall exactly in the pattern you want.

“The characterful little family of hooks is a friendly addition to any wall. The DOTS are proud of their round edges and will treat your clothes with the greatest care.” – Lars Tornøe



For as long as I can remember I have been a big fan of their simplistic, playful & beautiful expression. Here are some of the many classic Muuto pieces that has stood the test of time representing some of the best of Scandinavian design today;


The MHY pendant lamp has a playful and cute personality, as it is shaped after the hairdo of the Little My character from the Finnish Moomin cartoons. The lamp shade has a characteristic and elegant shape and is available in six different colours. MHY is ideal for mounting in clusters or rows to provide unique and fun light installations. It was designed back in 2006 by NORWAY SAYS, the internationally recognised design trio from Oslo.

“MHY has an elegant appearence and a strong personality. The playful shape of Mhy draws inspiration from illustrations and characters from our childhood’s literature. The near size of Mhy allows the pendant to be mounted in clusters or rows over your meeting room table, in the canteen, in a reception or somewhere else where you would like to add a design element with unique, but understated character.”


The now classic STACKED system provides a storage solution with endless possibilities. With the use of small clips, the modules can be rearranged to create a custom shelving system, room dividers or even side tables. Just play around with the space between the modules or mount them directly onto the wall, and you can easily change it to fit your home. The concept of STACKED was created in 2008 by Copenhagen based architect Julien De Smedt, and his aim was to design something that was able to be both specific and generic at the same time.

“How to be specific and generic altogether? Shelving systems have a tendency to achieve one concern but never both. We decided to dimension shelving units based on the generic measurements of things to store and display while allowing for them to be combined according to specific needs and desires. The result can be at times a random stack of boxes or a coordinated grid of efficient storage… or both!” – Julien De Smedt


The E27 pendant lamp is a naked build with a simplistic and striking industrial design. It can be used on its own, in a pair, on a row or even in clusters to create a modern Scandinavian chandelier. It was designed in 2008 by Mattias Ståhlbom, an architect and partner at the Stockholm-based architecture & design studio TAF.

“The simplicity of the naked bulb is hard to compete with. It stands for something that feels romantic and contemporary at the same time. E27 departs from the essence of a lamp – the socket – creating a simple yet strong object that celebrates the potential beauty in simplicity.” – Mattias Ståhlbom


The felt structure of the RESTORE gives a unique and understated touch to this storage basket. It is mainly made from fibres extracted from recycled plastic bottles and is strong enough to be used for items such as magazines, toys or even firewood. Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen designed RESTORE in 2009 with a view that design should not be the one that requires attention by being special.

“I wanted the basket to have a non-obtrusive nature. Polymer felt combined with a soft form give the basket a friendly appearance. The name RESTORE is inspired by the fact that baskets are made of recycled PET bottles.”


UNFOLD‘s soft rubber shade creates modern and playful version of the classic industry lamp design. It is an affordable design lamp that comes in a variety of colours and is suitable for multiple settings. It was designed in 2010 by FORM US WITH LOVE, a multidisciplinary design & interior architecture studio from Stockholm.

“The industry lamp is a classic, and sought after design that we are excited to provide a new perspective on. The soft silicone rubber gives UNFOLD a modern and warm personality. It also enables the lamp to be folded into a neat package by a slight push on the top. Just open and unfold your new lamp.” – FORM US WITH LOVE


The NERD chair is a modern Nordic take on the iconic all-wood chair, reflecting its classic Scandinavian design heritage and crafter with the highest quality materials. The seamless integration of the back and seat provides both comfort and an inviting personal look. It was designed by David Geckeler and was produced after winning the 2012 Muuto Talent Award.

“While the appearance of NERD is unique, the overall expression, material and craftsmanship all have references to classic Scandinavian design values. The innovative integration between seat and back, as well as precise detailing, gives Nerd a strong personality and a very iconic character. The chair that stands out as a very personal and distinct interpretation of an all-wood chair.” – David Geckeler

You can follow #‎muuto10y‬ for upcoming‬ stories and content from Muuto, and if you are interested in seeing the new design launches check out my blogpost from the Salone Del Mobile exhibition this week.

Happy birthday Muuto!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad / product photos by Muuto



that scandinavian feeling at salone del mobile 2016

On Tuesday I went to the opening day of the Salone Del Mobile which takes place every year during Milano design Week. It is a huge exhibition now in its 55th edition, an international benchmark showcase for all things furnishing & design. This year there are more than 2,400 exhibitors on a display area of more than 270,000 square meters under the slogan ‘creativity, innovation and technology’. If you are planning to go it can be a bit overwhelming, so I thought I would first share a couple of tips to make your day(s) more productive;

1 Get your ticket online & print it in advance! This is very handy and will keep you from waiting in a very long line before entering the exhibition space. If you already have your ticket printed you can go straight to the Fast Lane entrance, scanning your ticket and you are in!

2 Plan your day! Entering the space for the first time can be very daunting, everyone seems to be rushing around and you might feel like the only one not knowing where to go. But if you have already done a bit of research and planning at home this will make your experience much better. If you are going for only one day I would suggest putting down a short list of designers or brands you most want to see. As I was there focusing on Scandinavian designers it made the planning a lot easier as I could search up the different brands and already write down the location in a notebook. Tip; most of the designers showcasing will be posting their location on their social media channels, so checking their Instagram or Facebook page can be very helpful.

3 Have fun! Don’t take it too serious and be sure to make time to just browse and fill up your creative tank.

that scandinavian feeling at salone del mobile milano 2016

This year I saw a lot of great Scandinavian design so this post might be quite a long one, grab a coffee and get comfy! And for anyone going and interested in any of the brands I have put the location of their stand so you can easily find them too.

MENU (Hall 10, stand C06 & C08)
Menu’s philosophy is simple; “We want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to. Collaborating with super-talented designers, we make objects to be treasured now… and forever.” This year their stand is showing the updated version of Modernism Reimagined, with updated colours and sharpened corners. I especially enjoyed the Greenery showing you how to invite nature into your home by creating your own peaceful oasis.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_menu1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_menu2

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_menu3

The Synnes Chair has a beautiful and minimal Scandinavian touch and was created by young Norwegian designer Falke Svartun. It came to life in 2013, and the latest edition showcased comes with upholstery by Danish textile designers Kvadrat. It comes in three different styles, Regular, Silk and Basel.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_menu4

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_menu5

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_menu6

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_menu7

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_menu8

The Godot sofa is a beauty. It has simple and clean lines, but is also so comfortable to sit in. It comes as a one, two and three seat sofa and was designed by Iskos-Berlin.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_menu9

STRING (Hall 6, stand E32)
The String shelf is a Swedish design classic and a great flexible shelving system that dates back to 1949. New this year, over 67 years later, is that the birch has become ash and the black is replaced with black stained ash. Also new this year is a beautiful magazine shelf in light wood. The String pocket is also updated with oak and white panels as well as black stained ash.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_string2

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_string1

Their stand was very dark and elegant, showcasing the new products beautifully. It was a nice contrast to the many colourful stands around it and maybe not what you would expect.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_string3

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_string4

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_string5

MUUTO (Hall 16, stand C40)
Did you know that the name Muuto comes from muutos which means new perspective in Finnish? And according to Muuto you will know their design because it has muutos. At their stand you can find a great selection of furniture, lighting and home accessories by leading Scandinavian designers in a friendly and cool environment.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_muuto1

They are celebrating 10 years of new perspectives on Scandinavian design by launching quite a few new designs, like for instance the CONTROL light designed by Mattias Ståhlbom and the LEAN wall lamp by Claesson Koivisto Rune seen below. The E27 PENDANT lamp by Mattias Ståhlbom has also been added in a new mustard colour.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_muuto2

In the far right corner in the image below you can spot a preview of the new storage racks, COMPILE shelving system by Cecilie Manz.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_muuto7

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_muuto3

The STACKED storage system designed by Julien De Smedt is another favourite, a beautiful and playful shelf with endless possibilities. The design can be easily changed by playing around with the space between the modules or mounting them directly onto the wall. The design has been updated slightly for 2016; STACKED ELEMENTS with added doors.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_muuto4

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_muuto5

The FRAMED mirror is also one of the new designs launched, a series of beautiful tinted mirrors. They are designed by Anderssen & Voll and is not just a mirror, but an object – which with its depth of both form and colour lends the wall a sculptural value. Soon available in two sizes and in grey, taupe and pink.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_muuto6

Here you can see the AMBIT lamp designed by TAF Architects in its right environment. The timeless design has a strong character, and gives for an attractive and simplistic lamp. The lamp shade is made from old brazier traditions, press spun by hand, polished and finally hand-painted and it comes in five different colours. New for this season is the PLY rug by Margrethe Odgaard in a range of lovely colours like this pink one.

Below you can spot the new TILE cushion in the sofa also by Anderssen & Voll. It comes in four colours and a pattern that gives the impression of a three dimensional structure, an eye catching piece in any living room!

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_muuto

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_muuto8

SWEDESE (Hall 16, stand E26)
This Swedish brand’s ideals are the same today as they have been for the last sixty years. Namely to create beautiful furniture for the future, which build on the foundations of Scandinavian modern traditions. Their news for 2016 are footstools and tables, corner sections and shelves and they are showcasing a mix of new products and updated classics.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedese1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedese2

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedese3

I love the simplicity of the Log Bench. It is made by laminated oak veneer and has support feet in black stained solid wood, designed by influential Japanese designer of our time Naoto Fukasawa for Swedese.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedese4

In 2016 two collections of footstools has been created to fit well with the rest of the Swedese products. The botanic was designed by Roger Persson to encourage those brief, casual meetings that can happen anywhere, anytime in the workplace. They come in either plain as pictured here or with a stylised leaf on the seat.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedese8

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedese7

&TRADITION (Hall 6, stand E25)
This Danish design company was established in 2010 with the founding principle being tradition tied to innovation. The connect with the old design masters while giving space to new and future classics. Their space is monochrome and harmonious with burgundy walls showcasing their new product launches. Here its all about the details. The first thing you are greeted by is this massive Light Forest wall, a lighting system adapted for ceilings and walls designed by Tineke Beun-ders and Nathan Wierink of Ontwerpduo.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_andtradition1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_andtradition2

The iconic Flowerpot lamps by Danish designer Verner Panton is launched in these contemporary new colours. “Payton was always on the cutting edge of design. He fearlessly experimented with new shapes, colours and materials in design concepts that looked futuristic then – and now. To honour this design visionary, we are introducing a series og high gloss hues. New colours to keep the lamps one step ahead. Like Panton himself.” – Martin Kornbek Hansen (&tradition)

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_andtradition4

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_andtradition3

The stunning Mayor Sofa AJ5 by Arne Jacobsen / Flemming Lassen shows a modern and unique regional adaptation, with the frame made of solid oak and the tight upholstery with three loose cushions. A sofa with a simple yet stylish look.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_andtradition8

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_andtradition7

BLÅ STATION (Hall 16, stand C41)
This was a brand I stumbled upon on and really liked. The Swedish brand is actually celebrating its 30th birthday this year and creates products based on usability, function and quality with the words ‘peace, love & good design’. Their colourful sound absorbers Ginko creates the perfect backdrop for their stand, simple and eye-catching.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_blastation1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_blastation2

The cute Oppo pouffes and footstools are great, very light and easy to move with a ring that can be used as a practical handle. The welcoming round shape and colours makes them the perfect accessory in your home.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_blastation3

If you need a individual little work station or place to relax the Honken Workstation is the perfect furniture. It has a nice side table, work surface, storage, electrical outlet and a couch for resting your feet – the ultimate temporary workplace! I think I might need one of these..

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_blastation4

BOLON (Hall 16, stand B27)
This is the 7th year that this Swedish brand brings their design flair to the fair. This year they got help by London designers Doshi Levien who has created a visually striking stand to walk through. This is part of ‘Material Interventions’ a global creative campaign that supports their new collection called Bolon By You. This collection is a interactive flooring concept, it lets you create whatever flooring that suits your space with six patterns, four warp colours and twelve weft colours.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_bolon1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_bolon2

Their stand is so beautiful and something that just has to be experienced as it is quite hard to portray in still images.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_bolon3

KARL ANDERSSON & SONER (Hall 16, stand E40)
When I walked into this stand I was so impressed by their wall items like the cabinets, magazine racks and various display systems. This Swedish brand has been making “well-made furniture designed to last” for 118 years. What especially attracted me was the new Svall magazine shelf with its convex shape and simplistic feel. It can be hung horizontally or vertically, the horizontal model comes in six different lengths and the vertical one comes in three different lengths.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_karl andersson and soner1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_karl andersson and soner2

The 1KM DISPLAY is a beautiful flexible shelf that can be used as a magazine holder, pigeonhole or bedside table. It has been created so that it is easy to build to great lengths – up to 1km if required. Available in solid oak, ash, standard stains on ash & standard colors on MDF with a drawer as an added accessory, this display unit looks great on any wall. Neat, attractive and practical!

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_karl andersson and soner3

ARCHITECTMADE (Hall 16, stand F56)
Modern home accessories by famous Danish architects, Architectmade is a glimpse into a few rare design objects that some of Denmark’s leading architects created along their way to fame many years ago. Their little but bright stand is vert inviting, and the products are beautifully displayed on clean, white shelves. I love the timeless FJ Clock designed as a part of the interior of the New York United Nation Trusteeship Council Chamber in 1950 by Finn Juhl. Its clever minimalistic look along with the natural qualities of the teak wood and the numberless aluminum dial works so well together.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_architectmade1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_architectmade2

Another of their products I really like (except from the birds by Kristian Vedel of course) are the copper, brass and stainless steel tea light holders Trepas designed by Peter Karpf in 1966.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_architectmade3

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_architectmade4

As well as these brands above there are also three separate sections for Swedish, Danish and Norwegian design. As there are quite a lot of designers represented in one space I have only focused on a couple in each area, but I have also included full lists of each of the exhibitors.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan 2016

Sweden’s furniture, architecture and design is influenced by immense forests and a sustainable mind set. Because of this the the curators of the space Tengbom found inspiration in the Swedish nature along with playfulness to celebrate that joyful Nordic approach. Swedish Design Goes Milan is an initiative by Business Sweden in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy, Svensk Form, Swedish Association of Architects and VisitSweden. The exhibitors include A2 Designers, Ateljé Lyktan, Bsweden, By Rydéns, David Design, Fibers & Friends, Fogia, House of Dagmar, JI Jonas Ihreborn, Johanson Design, Nola, No-Sir, NTK EUROPE, Ogeborg, Pholc and TreCe. You can find them all here if you are interested.

In collaboration with selected Scandinavian designers Fogia has for the last thirty years created well thought-out furniture for private homes and public spaces around the world. A selection of the Fogia collection is presented, such as the neat little shelf Archetto designed by Note Design Studio. It is shown for first time to the public and is a stunning wall mounted shelf that offers a great surface to display any precious items. Note Design Studio also created the Arch bookshelf and together they work perfectly.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_fogia1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_fogia2

Other items that caught my eye from Fogia was these super soft and lovely blankets called Koster. They are named after a rainy island on Sweden’s west coast, and the colour take tones from those moments when the sun breaks its way through sheets of rain along with the deep colour of the sea.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_fogia3

Fogia is also showcasing the new and popular Ceramics by Carina Seth Andersson, the Bollo armchair and Tiki 3 seater sofa in leather by Andreas Engesvik, Arch shelves and Tabula table by Note Design Studio and armchair Tondo by Stefan Borselius.

All of Nola’s output is based on three simple rules: ‘always start from scratch, get to the heart of the issue and dare to be different’. They have created a range of outdoor furnitures for more than four decades. At this exhibition they were displaying their new Pots Planters designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle, a stunning set of freestanding container towers made from powder-coated in green, beige and blue.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_nola2

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_nola1

They also showed off the Plymå circular bench crafted from smooth limestone, with waxed ash, which have been sculpted into cushion-like shapes. It is made so that it can surround posts or encircle ornamental trees, but is only for indoor use.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_nola3

The space itself was beautiful and my absolute favourite of the three countries, it was so open and airy with so much green to create the perfect Nordic atmosphere. The sound design by Radja Sound Design Agency added that extra little touch to make it even more special, and as I happened to step when the opening event was happening I got to try the amazing Swedish food by Björk Swedish Brasserie and the prosecco! Below I have added a couple of more images from the space and the event to show you just how beautiful it was.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan2

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan3

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan4

How cute are these yellow cast ceramic candlesticks with hand painted decor by No Sir?

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan5

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan6

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan7

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan8

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan10

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_swedish design goes milan9

DANISH LIVING ROOM (Hall 10, stand B03)
A conceptual exhibition showcasing the best of Danish Design in a rare blend of leading and upcoming brands. The Danes sure know how to create the perfect living room, and the space includes Abc Reoler Aulum, BoConcept, Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik, Genito, Kähler Design and Pandul amongst others.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_danish living room1

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_danish living room2

The one thing that stood out for me at the Danish area was the beautifully designed lamps by Pandul. The collection of Danish classic, modern lamps consists of some of the best lamp designs by recognised architects and designers. The VIP lamps by professor & architect Joergen Gammelgaard are stunning. The basic idea is the unique multi-adjustable shade that gives the same lamp several identities and increases the way it can be used. Just turn it up, down or flat and it will light the room up in a different way – so smart! I also loved the Tip Top lamp, a perfect example of cool Scandinavian minimalism.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_danish living room3

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_danish living room4

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_danish living room5

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_danish living room6

And of course the yellow Kähler Unico Orcher vase made its appearance!

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_danish living room7

INSIDE NORWAY (Hall 10, A05)
An exhibition project owned by Federation of Norwegian Industries – Furniture+Interior and Norwegian Rooms, to promote Norwegian design and products abroad. The stand is supported by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Embassy and includes Varier, SBS/HÅG, Wonderland, Brunstad, Vestre, Aksel Hansson, GU, L.K Hjelle, Hardanger Bestikk, Fjordfiesta, maskott Høie, VAD, Jøtul and Northern Lighting.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_inside norway1

Hjalmar Brunstad began making furniture in 1941, an ambitious craftsman with a good eye for fabric and design. Today the Brunstad brand creates beautiful furnitures with comfort and appealing design. The Everest sofa is a new and exciting module with tall legs, which comes in different sizes and variations.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_inside norway2

The DELTA Comfort chair in classic is a relaxed chair perfect for anyone looking for comfort in their home.

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_inside norway3

At the entrance of the Norwegian area you are greeted by the full scale wall–mounted Norwegian moose head light Moo. The inspiration behind the Moo lamp was found in northern Norway where both designers from Northern Lighting have summer houses and moose is frequently seen passing by..

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_inside norway4

that scandinavian feeling_salone del mobile 2016_inside norway5

Dokka is a ceiling lamp designed in 1954, and re-launched in 2007 by Northern Lighting. It is crafted in durable painted steel and made to last. An icon of its time that remains popular.

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You might have also spotted the cutlery on the wall. It is Hardanger Bestikk and creates a cool vibe in the quite simplistic space.

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The Salone del Mobile exhibition is reserved for trade members every day from 9.30 to 18.30 this week, but its open to the public on Saturday and Sunday with an entrance ticket. Get your ticket here and have fun!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad