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This typography was drawn by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen in 1937, but it still communicate a very modern minimal look today. The monochrome style is consistent through the whole range of DESIGN LETTERS products such as cups, plates, teapots, tea towels, notebooks, pencils and more.

I love the mugs, I have one with an I (my initial) and one with a C (my two loves in life – my boyfriend & coffee..) They are the perfect size and also comes with lids if you want to use them as a container instead.

ingridesign_designletters C

Here is a selection of some of the many items available with the iconic vintage ABC lettering on, find them all here.

ingridesign_designletters products

Did you know that the letters were originally created for internal signage at the Aarhus City Hall?

// Photo credit: 1 & 2 Ingrid Opstad / 3 DESIGN LETTERS



Ever since the new Kähler ceramics collection Unico came out I’ve been eyeing up the little yellow one, and I was so lucky to get it for Christmas! It’s the perfect round vase, and can be used on its own with or without anything inside, or as here together with another larger vase from the same collection. A great way to add a pop of colour to your home! And if you’re not obsessed with yellow like me there are other beautiful colours available too; pink, green, white, light blue & the dark blue as seen above.

“All elements in the range are design objects in their own right and add a splash colour to the room they are in. Use the unique and decorative Unico range as exclusive works of art in your home and create a clear cut style throughout your interior decoration.” – Kähler

You can find both these beautiful vases and the rest of the collection on the Kähler website.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad



mormor series normann copenhagen

Mormor Porcelain by Normann Copenhagen is a sweet and nostalgic homeware series for the modern kitchen with clear references to the traditional Scandinavian style. Structures and patterns from well-known kitchen items such as table-cloths and tea towels creates the visual expression. It was designed by Danish Gry Fager who says:

”I really like combining different things. What motivates me is developing good ideas for everyday things which people enjoy using and having in their homes. To me the aesthetic is a matter of course and its function is a must. With Mormor, the kitchen is the place where everything starts, the central nervous system of the house where people all gather. I have been inspired by the atmosphere and the character of the kitchen, particularly older kitchens from my grandmother’s time and I have transferred the kitchen clichés into a modern context.”



Find the whole collection here.

// Photo credit: Normann Copenhagen




Have you seen the beautiful new shelving system by Danish Skagerak? It’s called Vivlio and is designed in collaboration with Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm & Margarethe Odgaard.

“Vivlio Shelf System is a flexible shelving unit that both showcases and conceals. The shelves come in three different heights and colours and may either present their open front to the room or face away to conceal their content. Vivlio’s colour options for shelves and frame create a wide range of options in a celebration of the flexibility and aesthetic of simplicity.” – Skagerak



Find the whole collection here.

// Photo credit: Skagerak




Danish brand Kähler has come out with a new series called Unico. It is designed by Anders Arhøj, who is famous for creating these fun little ceramic ghosts amongst many other things, and is a series of completely unique ceramic design products with a beautiful colour range. The pieces are characterised by a special glazing which makes every ceramics different, and the collection consists of a bowl, a dish, a flowerpot & three vases in different sizes.

My favourite item from the range is the round yellow Orcher vase (surprise surprise). It is so pretty both with or without something inside, a nice way to add a splash of colour to your home.





// Photo credit: KÄHLER



Styling & photo by Studio Oink

All photos by Studio Oink

These beautiful and simplistic watercolour art prints by Silke Bonde, a Copenhagen based designer and artist, are so stunning with the perfect Scandinavian feel. They are all a part of their ‘Looking Closer’ collection.

“‘Looking closer’ is a collection that encourage you to take a closer look at the nature and it’s elements. Take a break and notice the creations, patterns and changing life in the nature. The use of blue and green tones characterizes the Northern nature and it’s color palette. The collection is made with watercolors to match the organic shapes which you will find in the nature. A minimalistic collection with a mix of straight lines and organic shapes.” – Silke Bonde

Styling & photo by Studio Oink

Styling & photo by Studio Oink

Styling & photo by Studio Oink

Styling & photo by Studio Oink

For more beautiful prints go visit their online shop.