This beautiful and calm bedroom belongs to interior designer Gen and her Danish husband Kasper, and was photographed by My Scandinavian Home blog. I love the dark and soothing colour scheme, along with soft and warm textures.

The chevron wooden floor is a great touch, and a twist on standard flooring. It certainly adds a bit more character to the space.

For links to any of these furnitures or items, click through here.

// Photo credit: My Scandinavian Home



1 // The pretty pocket organizers from Normann Copenhagen are perfect for anyone with limited space, they come in different sizes and colours and can be placed however you like. Here they are styled in Scandinavian Love Song’s bedroom – so simple & stunning!

2 // If you have a low bed the idea of creating a nightstand with a stack of magazines or books can be a great and fun solution. This might not be the best if you tend to store many things on the nightstand, so keep it minimal like here by Decordots.

3 // Having trouble finding a nightstand you like? Why not use a chair like seen on Fantastic Frank? The back of the chair can also be great for hanging items on like for instance the magazine you are currently reading or a lamp.

4 // Using a small ladder as a nightstand can be very handy as you will have a lot of space for little decorative items as well as books, glasses, hand cream etc.. I love this DIY ladder from The Merrythought!

5 // A temporary solution I am using at the moment is the IKEA Bekväm stool, it works great as a nightstand and is handy to have in the house incase you need to get something that’s up high. Here you can see it in a styled home via 55 Kvadrat.

6 // Keep it minimal with a box shelf on the wall like this one found here. Either buy one or even make it yourself in any size you want.

7 // The Ferm Living plant box is very versatile, why not use it as a nightstand like here by Varpunen? Put little plants in it as well as books and anything you need nearby.

8 // Wooden crates are a great way to use something you might have or can find for free instead of going out to purchase a nightstand. But be conscious that if it is untreated wood it will attract a lot of dust so it might be a good idea to treat it first! This photo is from Ma Maison Blanche.

9 // A little squared shelf in the same colour as your wall like in Stylizimo’s bedroom can be a great minimal way to have a nightstand without it being too visible.

10 // Bring a part of nature into the bedroom by using a tree trunk as a nightstand like Passion Shake did here.

I am currently making my own DIY nighstands which I will hopefully share with you here on the blog soon. Keep your eyes peeled!




Have you ever seen a bedroom hidden in a closet before? This vintage closet gives off the perfect Narnia vibe, and is a great way to get more out off a small space. Imagine being able to just close the door during the day to hide away a messy bed, very creative & handy!

Would you sleep in a closet? I think it could be quite cozy.






// Photo credit: Entrance Makleri




1 // Add a lovely chunky knitted blanket for the ultimate hygge look like this one found on Decordots. A tray with coffee and a sweet treat will make it the perfect lazy morning spot!


2 // Put a textured rug on the floor to soften up the room. This one seen on Avenue adds a lovely and personal touch. A cluster of framed artworks or photographs is also a cozy addition, especially if it includes things that makes you feel happy.


3 // If you have a smaller and low bed, a large duvet touching the floor can give quite a cozy feeling. This image is from Urban Outfitters where the duvet cover is from.


4 // Adding some stacks of books on the floor can add a cozy effect to your space, photo via Planete Deco. Keeping the bed a bit half-made will also add some cozyness.


5 // Cute pillows like these “Big Spoon” & “Little Spoon” ones from Old English Company creates a nice atmosphere and encourages snuggling.


6 // Green plants and personal touches like these hats on the wall are a lovely way to bring hygge to the bedroom area. Great idea to add the large hanging planter in a corner to utilise the space, like New Darlings has done here.


7 // Mixing textures, fabrics and colours in the bedroom will help make the room ooze comfort, warmth and relaxation. A blanket casually draped on the end of the bed gives a nice and lovely feeling. This dreamy bedroom is from Norske Interiør Blogger.


8 // Adding a large light fixture above the bed, like this one from IKEA, creates a lovely cozy scene. If you are lucky enough to have a wooden slanted ceiling like this one found via Vtwonen it makes it even more snug.


9 // Accents of wood and nature is so welcoming and homely. I love the idea of putting up a wooden branch like this one found on the West Elm blog to hang items such as hats, scarfs or bags on. Keeping a couple of your favourite items on your nightstand like a book, a mug for hot drinks, flowers or plants and some decorative touches really helps to make it super cozy.


10 // And last but not least, candles! Having a lovely scented candle on the nightstand, a shelf or on the window sill will give any room a cozy and warm tone. Or why not put them on a rustic bench at the end of the bed like in this image from Blog Milk? Just make sure you stay safe and blow them out before going off to dreamland… Zzz..

What do you do to make your bedroom cozy?