Photo by ingridesign

Photo by ingridesign

When travelling back to Italy this week I spotted this new Absolut Honey vodka bottle at Frankfurt Airport. It is the travel retail exclusive limited edition, and is said to ‘capture the liveliness of summer nights in a selection of fresh cocktails’. The idea behind the campaign is that the travelers can create and share a ‘Honey I’m coming home’ GIF, presented through the app PHHHOTO here. I think the bottle and concept is a great idea, and have to applaud Absolut for yet again creating a fun and creative campaign.

ingridesign honey im coming home bee

“Creating an exciting product and a unique brand experience is what Absolut is recognised for across the globe – and that’s what we have achieved with Absolut Honey. It has been crafted with a bold new honey taste, whilst the iconic Absolut bottle artistically expresses the core essence of the flavour. Absolut Honey is all about the essence of a laid back summer and that’s what we have captured within this limited edition vodka.” – Pia Hägglöf