Another month has gone by and we finally say hi to March. But first, let’s have a look at some of the many moments shared through February. I love seeing all of your beautiful images from home or traveling, they really capture that lovely Scandinavian feeling I so long for. Although it is still quite cold outside, we can finally start to see signs of Spring which gives hope after a long and dark winter.

This period is the perfect time to create special happy memories with your loved ones, whether inviting them over for coffee & cakes or exploring a new city together. Speaking of exploring, I am planning a trip to Copenhagen soon and cannot wait to see what this vibrant Danish city has to offer. Do you have any fun travel plans lined up?

I have selected 4 of the images from Instagram to share with you, as well as a quote from each of them about what That Scandinavian Feeling means to them. Be sure to check out the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed for more! Just click on the hashtag below and it will take you to the feed;

1 // ​​@suffolk_wife
“​To me That Scandinavian Feeling is happy times with my family, enjoying comfort food and creating special memories.”

2 // ​​​@veerle2412
“​My bedroom has windows from floor to ceiling and even on a dark and rainy day it’s still bright in there. After a long workday and taking care of my two-year-old, I love to snuggle up there under some blankets with a cup of tea and edit some photographs or read a book. This dresser I got from an old neighbor when I moved out of my parents house at the age of 18. The dressers history combined with a light print and some plants really make my bedroom a calm, fresh and hyggelig place to be.”

3 // ​​​@latazzinablu
“​That Scandinavian Feeling to me means stay at home enjoying the precious moments, buy fresh flowers and light up some candles.”

4 // ​​​@whotookmymojo
“​No one ever said being seperated from someone you love was meant to be easy. You only have to observe the number of times those doubtful feelings come and go. That Scandinavian Feeling to show where she’s coming from, only the sea set us miles apart. That Scandinavian Feeling of her postcards which never cease to amaze me, pulled me back where we departed.

That Scandinavian Feeling I had everytime I set foot on foreign soil, either calling it quits or battling with the law of emotions to realise that achieving longetivity and that long term respect of a fickle world is much, much harder than it looks.”

I hope you join in and share your images on Instagram too! It’s a great way for us all to get together and spread some hygge while we wait for warmer weather. So what is That Scandinavian Feeling to you?



I love the idea of having a large statement print somewhere, especially something personal like a blown-up black & white photo from traveling or nature. Below are a couple of inspirational images found online showing different ways you can incorporate an oversized print or artwork into your home.

Large printed black & white photo attached to a vintage school room map via Design*Sponge. What a creative way to mount a print, giving off a vintage vibe.

A minimal painting as seen here by Stylizimoblog home can add a calm and beautiful tone to your space. Especially if you have darker walls, a light coloured artwork can be a nice contrast.

If you don’t want to hang anything up, having giant frames on the floor can do the trick, like here found on My Scandinavian Home.

A large landscape print can work great along a large wall. The simplistic and minimal look of these winter trees found via April & May work great in a white space.

I think the bedroom can be a great place to add a large print. Keep it a bit funny with a statement like this one from Tamara Magel.

Or what about printing a selection of smaller prints to hang up so that they make up one big poster? This can be a cheaper and quite decorative way to get something unique for your wall. Image was found from Emma Woods Interiors on Instagram.

What do you think about this new trend, will you be adding an oversized print or artwork in your home?



I had the pleasure of having a little chat with Satu Enstedt, the woman behind the Finnish brand Sagalaga Design. Their designs are born from life’s magical moments and the depths of timeless time. She gets inspired by the simple aesthetics of Finland, creating beautiful Scandinavian products with the nature at heart.

Q1 // How did Sagalaga Design start? Can you tell us a bit about your creative background and how the brand was created?

Sagalaga Design started in 2013 by baby steps. I was working as a creative freelancer for clients and I felt I needed to create something on my own. Sagalaga, as a word, didn’t leave me alone, so I trusted my instinct and that’s how Sagalaga Design was created. ‘Saga’ has been my childhood nickname and it means story / fairytale which I would like to believe can be found in my design style as well.

I studied Fine Art, Graphic Design & Textile Design while working on many different kind of creative projects before Sagalaga Design. I think the result is a good combination of all projects from my past.

Q2 // What inspires you in your design process?

Unexpected things in quiet moments are the best. I think my head is constantly working on something new and when the mental process is ready to come out, I start to work with an idea on paper. The idea can basically come from anywhere around us. There´s always a story behind every illustration or pattern, even though it may not be that obvious at first. Little joy for your everyday life, as our slogan says.

Q3 // In what way does your Scandinavian heritage affect your style?

I spent my childhood playing around in old pine forest close to our house and we also had a summer cottage in a small island at Finnish archipelago. I think nordic nature with all its scents, forms and lines are still affecting me and can be seeing as a minimalistic Scandinavian style and functional products.

Q4 // Are you currently working on any new designs, and if so can you give us a little insight?

Yes, I´m currently working with new patterns and designs, new products are coming out soon. The latest will be our cosmetic bag and two smaller purses. These will be out this Spring and we are quite excited about them!

Q5 // How do you like to relax, how do you hygge?

I relax with friends and loved ones spending quality time together. Cooking together, spending time by the sea or doing a picnic in the forest is to me the best thing you can do.

KUUSI tray: Silent, winter woods, snow on spruce. This pattern is inspired by the beautiful winter forest with heavy snow on trees. The Finnish word KUUSI means spruce. TUIKE candle holder: This wooden candle holder is made out of Finnish birch. You can have a small piece of Finnish forest twinkle at your home and bring you special nordic atmosphere. The Finnish word TUIKE means twinkle.

Both the KUUSI tray and the TUIKE candle holder are available from their online store along with a lovely selection of other trays, textiles, paper and wood products.

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad



I love the look of this apartment styled by Swedish Anna Mårselius. It’s gorgeous natural tones gives off a calm and harmonic vibe, the perfect place to relax.

The subtle grey tones in the bedroom mixed with black & white creates a timeless and sophisticated space. Adding a statement light fixture in the ceiling is a great idea to add more personality.

// Photo credit: Kristofer Johnsson



1 // Use a egg carton as storage. We all have little things that tend to get lost in drawers, but it can be hard to find the right solution to fit. I love this simple idea from IKEA; cut an egg tray to fit your drawer and you’ve got a great jewellery organiser for free.

2 // Use a cardboard box as a penholder on your desk. You probably have a lot of cool cardboard boxes in different sizes from different homeware or design items purchased. Instead of throwing these out they can be great to use in the home. On my desk I use the cardboard box that one of my Design Letter mugs came in, it is the perfect size for storing pens but also has the perfect look for any Scandinavian design & typography lover.

3 // Use shoeboxes as storage. I usually don’t even take with me the shoeboxes from the shop, but next time I buy a new pair I will make sure I do so I can make some DIY storage boxes. These ones by Mormorsglamour are so gorgeous, and the idea of adding little leather handles is such a great idea! Keep the boxes as they are if you like the design, or paint them.

4 // Use old jars as plant pots. Small succulents or cactuses are the perfect size for storing in jars. These from Yesterdays Sweetheart are so cute, and a great way to reuse any jars you might have such as these candle jars or jam jars.. Wouldn’t they be a cute little gift to give to someone instead of the traditional flower arrangement?

5 // Use a cool bottle as a candle holder. Don’t let glass bottles go to waste, and instead wash them and use as home decor. The Hendrick’s gin bottles have a great look, so if you are a gin lover be sure to keep your next empty bottle (or any other liquor or soda bottle for that matter). This image is by Daniel Leon Stern via Instagram.

6 // Use a paper bag as a planter. Nowadays a lot of shops will have their own designed paper bags, and its a shame to just throw these out when you get home from a shopping trip. I love the idea of using these in your home to store anything you like in, but especially as a planter as seen on Sanctuary. This paper bag is from the Merci shop in Paris, known for cool packaging. I visited the shop last year and still have my bag (the smaller version), so now the hunt for the perfect plant to keep in it starts!

7 // Use cans as kitchen containers. Just remove the labels, give them a good clean and they are ready to use in your kitchen. If you want to customise them with paint, but I like the simplistic look created by Weekdaycarnival.

8 // Use old calendars, magazines or newspapers as wrapping paper. Keep a stack of old paper items you don’t use anymore for wrapping birthday, Christmas or any other gifts, this is from Deko magazine. The monochrome look is great, but the possibilities are endless and it is easy to customise.

9 // Use a perfume bottle as a vase. Next time you have an empty perfume bottle, don’t throw it out but keep it to put a nice branch or flower in. This would be a lovely nightstand decor idea or on a vanity. This one was found via Tumblr.

10 // Use wine corks as candles. What? This seems a bit weird.. But according to A Subtle Revelry you can create super easy candles, all you have to do is soak them in a capped mason jar filled with aceatone alcohol for a week. Then afterwards, put them in little candle holders and light them up!

Do you have any other creative ideas on how to reuse packaging? I would love to hear them!