What is That Scandinavian Feeling? To me its like a warm and cozy hug, one that just makes you smile and feel happy. It makes your grey days feel better, your coffee taste even nicer and puts a smile on your face. If you have been following along on Instagram you might have seen my monthly #thatscandinavianfeeling post, as well as all the lovely images shared by people using the hashtag. It makes me so happy when I scroll though the feed and see all the beautiful moments, and I love getting to know everyone more through this little hygge community we are creating.

I have selected 4 of the images to share with you here on the blog, as well as a little quote from each about what That Scandinavian Feeling means to them. Its getting harder and harder each month as more of you join in, I’m starting to think I might have to do this more often.. Well anyway, here is this months collection!


1 // @mariethorsen
“It’s about the small things in life. About that warm blanket on your sofa or the first cup of coffee when you wake up on a cold day. It’s about the morning sun when it hits the green plant in the corner of your living-room.”


2 // @naomile
“I find a rich cocktail of simplicity, minimalism and clever functionality in That Scandinavian Feeling. Its a genuine love for the natural, for durability and clear lines.”


3 // @luxeandthelady
“To me, That Scandinavian Feeling is about enjoying the little luxuries in life – lighting a beautifully scented candle, curling up under a blanket or near the fireplace to read, being surrounded by nature on a hike, time spent in the garden, or even a lazy morning testing out some recipes in the kitchen and sitting down to a slower meal than usual. I think it involves a calm peacefulness that comes from living in the moment. It is natural, lovely, and fresh.”


4 // @beingnatalia
“To me, That Scandinavian Feeling is being home, surrounded by the people I love and by the few things that make me feel safe and calmed, like a hot cup of tea, a good book and a blanket. Oh and a candle burning. It’s everything I miss when I’m away. Every time I get back home after a couple of days abroad I instantly feel that ‘feeling’.”


I hope you join in and share your images on Instagram too! Its a great way for us all to get together and spread some hygge. So, what is That Scandinavian Feeling to you? How do you create a cozy environment in your home or where do you go to feel peaceful and calm?



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