What is that Scandinavian feeling? To me it is a lot of things but at the same time hard to explain and I guess that’s why it is so fascinating and deep in my heart. I have now lived away from Scandinavia for over 7 years, but for some reason the feeling is stronger than ever. It is not about location or origin but simply a mix of cosiness & calm. It is a warm atmosphere that invites you in and makes you feel welcome, but at the same time a cool freshness that hits you like a winter breeze. It is wrapping yourself up in a nice comfy blanket with a hot drink and a cinnamon bun. It is simplicity and minimalism, focusing on the little things in life. It is wooden houses, reindeers, knitted jumpers, fjords & mountains..

So what does that Scandinavian feeling mean to you? Whether you are from Scandinavia or just have a nordic state of mind I’d love to see what you think. To join in and share what gives you that Scandinavian feeling just add the hashtag #thatscandinavianfeeling to your images on Instagram and start browsing. Can’t wait to see!

I will be collecting some images I find each month which to me shows of that perfect Scandinavian feeling and sharing them here. Hopefully it can be a way to inspire each other and discover new accounts or brands and spread hygge all around! To start it off I though I would share a selection of my images to set the mood;









// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad


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