Summer is in full swing, don’t you just love those long summer nights? This months post is a little late, so many things have happened around here! First of all, the blog has a new design which I hope you all like. I worked day and night alongside my boyfriend giving it a facelift, and I am so pleased with how it turned out! After the re-brand, I took two weeks off and headed to Puglia in the south of Italy with my boyfriend for some fun in the sun. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might have seen some snippets, but I tried staying offline as much as I could which worked wonders. Lastly, and the biggest news; we got a little puppy! He is simply adorable, in fact he is laying on the floor snoozing under my feet as I type – a true slow life and hygge lover!

But over to what we are here to talk about, all of your lovely contributions to #thatscandinavianfeeling this month. I love to see how you are spending your summer, and that despite the ups and downs of the weather you manage to enjoy the outdoors as well as indoors. Hiking in the summer is so lovely, and I remember as a child being very excited about picking wild berries. Me and my brother used to go around in the forest finding blueberries and putting them on a straw, before indulging until we were blue all around our mouths! It is one of those memories that has stuck with me, and something that puts a smile on my face today. I would say it is the definition of pure summer hygge. Here in Italy blueberries are not so easy to pick (I think it might be impossible) but in the south, I enjoyed being able to find lemons and tomatoes in the back-garden, as well as seeing big fields of watermelons ready to be eaten.

I do hope you join in and share your moments on Instagram too! I would love to see what hygge activities you are getting up to this summer. So, what is That Scandinavian Feeling to you?

Below you can find this month’s selection of 4 images from Instagram, as well as a little quote from each of the lovely ladies. If you want to see more just click on the hashtag below and head over to the feed;

1 // @finurlig_og_fint
“The comfort of being out in the forest searching for blueberries holding a small bucket in your hand. And the excitement when you quite unexpectedly stumble upon a large field covered in green and that perfect blueberry-blue color is halfly hidden under the small leaves, and its all for free, just waiting for you to find it.”

2 // @holly_featherstone
“This photo is significant to me because it reminds me of the simplicity of the farm where I grew up. The handwoven basket actually smells like hay bales from the farm, which is very comforting to me.”

3 // @bea_and_the_city
“I believe strongly in the power of our homes vibrations on the daily mood. That Scandinavian Feeling is the perfect combination between Comfort, Peace, and Aesthetics induced by a lovely decorated house where each object is carefully chosen and highlighted on a pure luminous white background.”

4 // @luisa_lamar
“That Scandinavian Feeling is for me the clean aesthetics and functionality of Scandinavian design, but also the fresh air and calmness of our surroundings, and not least the feeling of freedom that lives in our society.”

Hi there! My name is Ingrid Opstad, I am originally from a little town in Norway but currently living near Milan, Italy with my boyfriend & dog. I have a Master Degree in graphic design, but I am also working as a freelance journalist for Scan Magazine. That Scandinavian Feeling is a place for me to share my knowledge and love for Scandinavia; touching upon everything from interiors, design, lifestyle and hygge.



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