All photos by ingridesign
All photos by Ingrid Opstad

On a sunny day like today it was the perfect excuse to go check out the Gelato Festival. The festival is touring around Italy this summer, and luckily this week it stopped in Milan.

The festival is a place to try different flavours of italian ice-creams, and to join in on the fun you have to purchase the The Gelato Card. It entitles you to 5 tubs of different ice-cream’s + another tub when you vote for your favourite competing flavour. The great thing is that if you can’t manage 5 ice-creams in one day you can save the card and come back another day.

ingridesign gelato festival 2015 gelato card

ingridesign gelato festival 2015

ingridesign gelato festival 2015 bernardo buontalenti

ingridesign gelato festival 2015 top 3



You can’t go wrong with nutella flavoured anything. The ice-cream was deliciously nutty, with just the right amount of nutella on the top. Only down-side is that it’s a bit heavy, but overall a good scoop!

nutella scoore


ingridesign gelato festival 2015 nutella

ingridesign gelato festival 2015 nutella stand


strawberry & vodka

When I saw the vodka based ice-cream options I knew I had to try one. As these are sorbets there are no milk involved, and it was therefore a good choice to have after the full-on nutella bomb. I went for the strawberry & vodka flavour, which was nice but a tad too much vodka for my liking. The strawberry flavour itself was delicious, but unfortunately the vodka overpowered it. Definitely a grown-up ice-cream options for vodka lovers.

strawberry & vodka


ingridesign gelato festival 2015 strawberry vodka

ingridesign gelato festival 2015 strawberry vodka stand


Vanilla, gianduia & peanutbutter

I love peanuts, so I had to try this ice-cream. The saltiness from the peanutbutter combined with the sweetness of the vanilla ice-cream and gianduia is a match made in heaven. I might have to go back for seconds. :-D

Vanilla, gianduia & peanutbutter


ingridesign gelato festival 2015 peanutbutter & jelly

ingridesign gelato festival 2015 peanutbutter & jelly stand

If you are an ice-cream lover like me and want to find out where the Gelato Festival will be next, then click the logo below for more info:

gelato festival

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