All photos by ingridesign

All photos by ingridesign

One thing that I haven’t quite gotten used to here in Italy yet is the weather. After spending most of my life in either Norway or England my body has become custom to the colder climate, and summer to me would in the past usually consist of wearing jumpers & tights unless I would be on a holiday in a warmer country.

Now living in Milan the average degrees across the summer months has been 33, with some “small” heatwaves in between, which has been at times difficult. Don’t get me wrong I love the heat, but when it hits you so hard that it makes you feel sick it’s not so fun. So when we finally had a cloudy & rainy day last weekend (never thought I would say that) I was quite relieved and took the opportunity to go explore Milan.

INGRIDESIGN_porta nuova

We headed to a part of Milan called Porta Nuova which in English translate to ‘new door’. It is the main business district and is currently undergoing a massive renewal with modern high rise buildings, shops, cafe’s and a large city park.

INGRIDESIGN_porta nuova map

INGRIDESIGN_porta nuova buildings

INGRIDESIGN_illy caffe entrance

Our main reason for going there was to visit the Illy Caffè hunting for a tiramisu macaroon (long story..) It is Illy’s first Milan flagship store and coffee is of-course the main attraction. The decor is simple yet stunning in red & white and the lovely smell of coffee hits you as soon as you step foot in the door. The food counter is full of sweet and savoury treats, the coffee menu is on-point and they even had soya milk which is a big plus for me!

INGRIDESIGN_illy caffe interior1

INGRIDESIGN_illy caffe coffee counter

I ended up with a delicious soya cappuccino accompanied by a dark chocolate macaroon as there was no tiramisu ones left unfortunately. Both the coffee and the macaroon was so good; the perfect rainy day treat!

INGRIDESIGN_illy caffe coffee

INGRIDESIGN_illy caffe macaroon


After finishing our little coffee break we went for a walk around the area to check out some of the shops and attractions. We discovered the Feltrinelli RED, a cool café & bookstore combined where the motto is ‘read, eat & dream’. As we had already been to the Illy Caffè we just had a browse around, and I picked up a Scandinavian Design book along with some coffee capsules for our coffee machine. Both the store & café was bussing with people and it seemed like a very popular hang-out place with a lovely atmosphere, so I will definitely be back soon to try the vegan cakes, read a book and take photos.


INGRIDESIGN_playing in the rain

Porta Nuova is a very nice, clean, fun and modern area, and I can see it increasing in popularity as it grows. It has a lot to offer when it comes to urban architecture and art; a great contrast to the traditional and historic city centre of Milan.


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