I spotted this beautiful home on Dezeen and had to share it here, it is so inspiring to see Scandinavian-style homes around the world and especially when it’s done as aesthetically pleasing as this.

This cozy and bright home is located in a trendy area in Vancouver and has the perfect “Canadian Nordic” look. The house was designed by firm Randy Bens Architect, and the interior transformation was done by Falken Reynolds. With light wood and white surfaces, an open floor plan, a neutral palette and cozy elements like the beautiful open fireplace, it has a simplistic yet interesting appearance.

“Our approach for the interior was to maximize the use of corridors as functional rooms, while maintaining family home essentials – a large kitchen island & appliance garage, mudroom and kids’ zone acoustically removed from the main living and entertaining zones. We also placed skylights in locations that draw the eye into the many spaces along the length of the house – including a feature oculus in the study. And of course the house is packed with Falken Reynolds detailing surprises.” – Falken Reynolds

The kitchen has a clean and simple feel, without any clutter or unnecessary objects on display. Such a great idea to add doors over the open shelving area, this way you can close it off and make it feel less of a kitchen and more integrated into the rest of the interior.

The living room area is homely and comfortable, with large window doors that takes you into the terrace and garden area. The large windows are a running theme throughout the building, creating lots of natural light in every room.

Upstairs you find bedrooms and a spacious bathroom as well as a cute nook where you can relax while looking out. How cute is that little dog statue gazing out the window? It is little details like this that makes a house a home.

Hope this post can inspire you, and if you want to see more photos or get any information it can be found on the Falken Reynolds site.

// Photo credit: Ema Peter

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