The new Asian fusion restaurant IBU located in Copenhagen has a calm and elegant visual concept created by Danish homeware brand ferm LIVING. They have used darker shades of red, terracotta, and grey to create a homely interior turning the restaurant into a place in which you want to linger. A comfortable mood has been created with dim lights and little details, with distinctive corners and special areas that meet the needs of different parties and moods. There is, for instance, an intimate little table if you are on a date, a large round table for big dinner parties, and a seat at the bar.

“A restaurant can be something significantly different from home, but we wanted to create a space that had some of the same elements. We set out to create an atmosphere that feels nice, welcoming, and comfortable,” – Trine Andersen, founder and creative director of ferm LIVING

(At the bottom of this post you will find links to items spotted in the restaurant.)

You can find visual references in the space from chef Henrik Jyrk’s Nordic roots as well as the Asian flavors found in the cuisine.

Here are a few of the ferm LIVING furniture items found in the space:

The wall mirrors seen are the round blue and the oval moss green couple candle holders. The light reflecting in the mirrors with a riveting antique effect forms an enchanting play of light.

The shelves spotted is this black stained oak base along with the brackets made of powder coated metal. There are different options available, pick your favourite combination of wood shelf and shelf brackets to get a uniquely personalised rack.

The mix of decorative and cozy pillows around the space is the quilt cushion in rust and dark grey, the salon cushion in leaf pattern, and the salon bolster cushion in mosaic sand.

When it comes to seating you have the Herman chair which was designed by Herman Studio for ferm LIVING. The chair is available in different colours and styles, this one in black / dark grey has an upholstered seat for enhanced comfort. I can also see the round pouf in dark blue, a graphic element that combines softness with a modern interior built up around simple principles.

There is a mix of lamps all from the Collect Lighting series in the space. This series of multiple shapes and colours is great because it gives you the freedom to create beautiful and custom lighting solutions by selecting a lampshade and pairing it with your chosen socket pendant.Find the whole range available here.

And a few of the many decorative and tableware items spotted are the Bubble glass object on the tables with greenery inside, the Sculpt ceramic vase, and the large minimalistic concrete pot with plants inside.

As well as the Sekki cups, the Sekki bowls, the Ripple carafe and the Ripple champagne glasses.

Want to see more? Check out the beautiful video of the space below:

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/WCo8FNBU6dc”]

Where >> Vesterbrogade 56, 1620 Copenhagen, Denmark

// Photo credit: ferm LIVING

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