A lot of the time we think that a Scandinavian home is light and white, but this home in Sweden is the perfect example of a darker interior style. With a darker colour palette you can create a very cozy and soothing space, perfect for the darker season. I love the minimal and calm effect this home creates, the use of multiple shades of grey adds to the moody vibe. Would you like to live in a dark space like this, or do you prefer lighter tones?

Even though the home is very dark, the natural light from the large livingroom windows still adds a homely and airy feeling. The use of light wood in this room is a nice and unexpected contrast to the rest of the house.

And last but not least, how perfect is the exterior of this home complementing the spooky and dark theme of the interior? It would be so much fun to decorate it for Halloween!

// Photo credit: Stefan Isidor Bergkvist


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