I am currently loving the botanical trend, and have slowly been adding little accents of it in my home during winter to make the transition to spring. For me, subtle hints are key to still keeping with the minimal theme, so things like prints, decorative items and pillows are a great way to achieve the look without feeling like you live in the jungle.

A minimal print in black & white like this one can be a great way to have something botanical without going green. Another great way to add greenery without having real plants in your home can be ceramic cactuses or candle holders with a botanic print on.

If you don’t have a green thumb, botanical decorative items can be a great way to add a little green in your life. Here’s a little round-up of the items mentioned above;

🌵 Ceramic candle holder with cactus from Bloomingville
🌵 Tvilling cactus poster (set of 2) from Ikea
🌵 Large white ceramic cactus from Maisons Du Monde
🌵 Själsligt green decoration (set of 3) from Ikea
🌵 Cactus pillow cases from H&M Home.


  1. Great, home decorating information, I need to redecorate my living room and I visit H&M for clothing items and never knew they had items for home, will check it out, fantastic 😊


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