Let’s talk about terrazzo! Anyone else obsessed with this beautiful and interesting pattern? Living in Italy, the home of terrazzo, I see it everywhere around me and love that the trend has done a comeback this year. In fact, it has been named one of the most popular interior design trends for 2018 according to Pinterest.

Terrazzo dates back to the Venetians during the 15th century. This traditional Italian flooring material was created as a low-cost solution used instead of the pricey marble flooring and consisted of marble, quartz, granite or glass chips set in concrete. Although it is a bold look, it has its versatility and the style goes with pretty much everything. The chips can either be small or large, you can find the pattern in any color you can imagine, creating endless design possibilities.

Here are 10 different ways to incorporate the terrazzo trend into a modern and minimal Scandinavian style home. The pattern is a great way to add subtle colours to your home or to go all out with a bold statement piece.

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My main tip for adding terrazzo to your home while still maintaining a minimal Scandinavian style is to go for subtle hues that compliment the rest of the interior. Make sure the colours within the pattern is picked up other places in your home though furnitures, textiles or other accessories so that it all ties together. Get inspired by these 10 ways listed below:

1: A terrazzo counter top can make a minimal kitchen stand out.

2: Terrazzo wallpaper can be a great way to add the popular pattern to a kids room or a wall in your home.

3: Bring the trend into the bedroom with terrazzo pillowcases.

4: A small pattern gives the bathroom a beautiful and bright feel.

5: Terrazzo hooks adds a stunning detail in any minimal home.

6: Create an impact with terrazzo stairs.

7: A great way to incorporate this popular trend is with a table.

8: Add a modern spin on terrazzo with this fun and vibrant version.

9: Talking about wallpaper, a large pattern will attract a lot of attention in your home.

10: Use subtle, neutral colours for a minimal terrazzo style flooring.

What do you think of the terrazzo trend? Is it something you want to use in your own home?

Hi there! My name is Ingrid Opstad, I am originally from a little town in Norway but currently living near Milan, Italy with my boyfriend & dog. I have a Master Degree in graphic design, but I am also working as a freelance journalist for Scan Magazine. That Scandinavian Feeling is a place for me to share my knowledge and love for Scandinavia; touching upon everything from interiors, design, lifestyle and hygge.


    • Thank you Juan, so glad you like the post! I agree, minimal use of it is so pretty. The more I explore Italy and see terrazzo everywhere, the more i want to incorporate it into my own home. I can imagine it is similar in Spain with the use of terrazzo, hope to visit soon to see for myself.


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