Happy Friday, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are in the world! Here the weather has been quite changing lately, from lovely and warm one day to cold and rainy the next. But I guess that’s Spring for you, and what I love about this season!

This Spring I want to keep my wardrobe simple and casual yet cool. Lots of denim, plain or stripy t-shirts, and light jackets but with minimal accessories. Oh, and I’m all about white trainers lately, something I never thought I would be. Here are some inspirational images I found online, you can find all the links below or follow my Scandinavian style & fashion inspo Pinterest board for more.

// 1: Black denim overalls / 2: Oversized blue jeans, plain t-shirt and white sneakers / 3: Grey rancoat / 4: Pink and stripes / 5: Laidback vibe / 6: Denim dress with frills


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