Who else is obsessed with ceramics? After I visited the home of ceramics this summer, a place called Grottaglie in the south of Italy (which I highly recommend to anyone who loves ceramics), I have been browsing online for beautiful pieces. I especially love when ceramics are handmade with a personal touch, when each of the pieces are unique.

Here are some of my current favourites from Etsy;


This cute planter by ebenotti is the perfect addition to any home, great to have succulents or any small plants in. Each of the planters are handmade with the simplistic herringbone patterned carved out and inlaid with black stain.


Loving this adorable spoon rest designed by noemarin to keep your kitchen bench clean while you’re cooking. With it’s simple design and clean lines, this piece can fit in anyones home no matter the style, and it can also be used to place your tea bag or spoon on.


A fun and modern way to display your rings. These handmade marble ring cones by paperandclaystudio are so stunning, they also come in different colours if you are not as big of a marble-fan as me.


How adorable are these cup sized colanders for washing berries by FringeandFettle? This is perfect for washing off single servings of fruits or veggies to add to your meals.


Beautiful pink porcelain box by YuliaTsukerman. It can be used to store jewellery, for cotton pads, candy or any other trinkets of your choice.And as its produced with a spoon slot you can also use it in the kitchen as a sugar bowl or salt cellar. Very handy!


I love hanging planters, and these ones by spinspin are so characteristic.
They are hand formed and then painted with black dashes, making each one slightly different and unique.


These polka-dot ceramic spoons by Coconutstudiopottery comes as a set of two and are perfect for stirring with in your tea or coffee.


Lovely pair of handmade ceramic glasses by MaevoStudio perfect for tea or coffee. They are tinted with different colours to get a beautiful surface, and glazed internally and on the edge.


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