mormor series normann copenhagen

Mormor Porcelain by Normann Copenhagen is a sweet and nostalgic homeware series for the modern kitchen with clear references to the traditional Scandinavian style. Structures and patterns from well-known kitchen items such as table-cloths and tea towels creates the visual expression. It was designed by Danish Gry Fager who says:

”I really like combining different things. What motivates me is developing good ideas for everyday things which people enjoy using and having in their homes. To me the aesthetic is a matter of course and its function is a must. With Mormor, the kitchen is the place where everything starts, the central nervous system of the house where people all gather. I have been inspired by the atmosphere and the character of the kitchen, particularly older kitchens from my grandmother’s time and I have transferred the kitchen clichés into a modern context.”



Find the whole collection here.

// Photo credit: Normann Copenhagen


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