If you need a new water pitcher, kettle, water bottle or other homeware items look no further. Stelton, the Danish design company with strong roots in the Scandinavian design tradition, has a great selection of minimalist products with a retro vibe. I am especially loving the new pastel colours seen in their Spring collection.

Stelton is a brand with long traditions in Scandinavian homes and has managed to capture the hearts of design lovers since the late 1960s. Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Cylinda-line in stainless steel for Stelton launched in 1967 was based on his philosophy that ”good design should be available for everyone”. Today five decades later, the series has become the essence of Stelton’s design DNA. The Cylinda-line features selected items coated in beautifully coloured enamel to celebrate its 50th Anniversary with an array of soft colours; ocean blue, dusty teal, powder and smokey blue.

The Emma pitcher reminds us of the classic Danish steel pitchers of the 1950s, reinterpreted for today in a sculptural and classic design. This beautiful pitcher is an addition to the Emma collection. How pretty is the Emma electric cordless kettle with the same retro style?

The Circle water bottle is a handy reusable bottle in glass, with a pure and unique design. With a unique open/close function in form of a beautiful circular stopper, the bottle is easy to hold and to drink from.

The To Go Click cup has a ”smart click” function that lets you open and close it easily, and you can drink from the full 360 degrees of the cup as if there were no lid. A great way to enjoy hot or cold drinks without spills when you’re on the move or while traveling.

This year we can find the iconic EM77 vacuum jug designed by Erik Magnussen in 1977 in new bright colours sand, dusty green and light grey. The colours are inspired by Scandinavian evenings by the sea and sandy beaches with gentle summer breezes.

// Photo credit: Stelton

Ingrid Opstad

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