NakNak is a Taiwan-based company with products designed by a group of international designers including Afteroom, Erik Olovsson, John Astbury, Kyuhyung Cho, Matti Klenell, TAF Architects, Yenwen Tseng, Yuko Maki and Yun Li. Most of them have studied in Stockholm and their common idea is to create simple, functional and beautiful objects that help organize your space. The name was inspired by the ‘knock knock’ sound of the metal workshop, and represents the skilled touch of the craftsman and the material used in all of their products. Their aim is to bring organization to life and most of their products are made using wire bending and sheet folding techniques that require great experience and workmanship.

The Q-HOOK is the evolution of the ordinary S-hook. Design company Afteroom created this hook so that it would not fall of easily like the S-hook can, and decided that by changing the shape to looking like the English letter “q” it would grasp the pole better. Clever and pretty!



WIRE NUMBER is a numeral system for outdoor and indoor use. It was designed by Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho and inspired by the beauty of customized door numbers on old streets and downtown neon lights. Every number is unique because of the specialized production method.



The BOX is a perforated sheet metal box that allows people to define its usage themselves. It comes in two different sizes and is therefore easy to arranged so it fits your living or working spaces. It was designed by Yenwen Tseng and comes in white, blue, pink & black.



You can find all of their products here. Simplicity & functionality at its finest!

// Photo credit: NakNak


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