This beautiful bottle of Blossa Frisk containing Swedish gløgg, a traditional Christmas beverage similar to mulled wine, was designed by the Scandinavian Design Group. The elegant use of Scandinavian patterns paired with the gold and green captures the freshness of the product and the nordic feel perfectly.

“We designed a bottle that captivates the light and brightness of summer, communicating the fresh taste of elderflower and citrus – without loosing the cosy feeling of Christmas by adding a traditional pattern and using the original Blossa bottle. The result is a new Blossa, in a recongnizable costume, with a feel of Christmas and summer at the same time.” – Scandinavian Design Group

Since 2003 Blossa has launched an annual limited edition bottle with a new flavour and look, find all of the designs here as well as the new 2015 bottle!


I’m not a massive fan of gløgg in general, but this Christmas I might get one of these Blossa Frisk bottles to try. The fresh elderflower & citrus flavour sounds very tempting.. Plus the bottle would make a great centrepiece on the Christmas table.

// Photo credit: Scandinavian Design Group


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