It’s been a while, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I took a bit of time off from the blog after the busy Milano Design Week to enjoy some quality time over the holidays. My parents visited us from Norway, which was so nice! It ended up being quite a Scandinavian Easter after all full of good food, fun and hygge – just the way it’s supposed to be! My parents had brought with them Norwegian Easter eggs in the luggage which was the icing on the cake. These beautifully decorated cardboard eggs are filled with chocolate and sweets, a lovely tradition I am happy to keep.

Thinking back to my childhood, we would always spend Easter at a cabin in the woods going skiing. Whenever I want to get That Scandinavian Feeling here in Italy, I head to the lake. If I look at the view it almost feels like I’m back home, it is something familiar and safe. And although having a walk in the park seeing all the white flowers looking like snow makes me miss home, it also makes me feel content and happy to be here.

If you want to learn more about the typical Norwegian Easter traditions and see what I got up to last year when I was in Norway, have a look at this post.

Now that Easter is done, I am working on a couple of different blogposts from MDW, so stay tuned for that. I saw a lot of great Scandinavian design and I can’t wait to share it with you!

// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad



If you are planning a trip to Oslo be sure to check out this beautiful restaurant designed by Anderssen & Voll. Happolati is located on St. Olavs Plass and is a lovely mix of Asia and Scandinavia, with both the interior and the food inspired by Japan with a Nordic twist. The space looks open and inviting, and the dark floor blends nicely in with the bar. I love the creative wood lamp on the wall which reminds me of origami, a lovely detail!

Tempted to visit? Have a look at the menu and make a reservation here.

// Photo credit: Elisabeth Heier



I have been eyeing out this place for a while, it simply is gorgeous and a great excuse for any Scandi lovers to take a trip to Paris.. The Koti hotel is a pop-up experience taking place in Paris for 100 days from January to May 2017 at the Institut Finlandais, a big sleepover in Finnish cabins!

The concept is simple; it’s a living art installation celebrating the Finnish home. There are 6 different cabins, during the day they are open to public viewing and in the evening they are available for guest to use. There is a daily schedule for all guests starting with quiet time & morning showers before a Finnish breakfast is served at a large communal table with specialities such as rye bread, salted butter and Finnish berries.

Getting back to nature in simple cabins can help us escape the busy everyday life and reconnect with family & friends. And the Finnish people are very good at just that, they like to enjoy frequent visits to the cabin as an essential part of everyday life. It really is a lovely way to relax and get away from the pressure and stress of daily life.

“Be our guest at Koti and escape the hectic pace of modern life. Savour the luxury of simplicity, the importance of home and the value of sharing unforgettable new experiences. Sleep in your very own cottage and indulge yourself with tranquility and communal hospitality right in the heart of Paris.” – Koti

You can book your stay through Airbnb. Because who wouldn’t want to have a sleepover in Finland, and waking up in Paris?

// Photo credit: Koti



Fika is a Swedish word that means to have a coffee break, the perfect name for this cute cafe located in Toronto. FIKA Café provides a cozy place for people to come and break away from the ordinary with typical Scandinavian treats, coffees and teas. Because in Scandinavia you take your time with the coffee, and if you want to have a coffee break the Scandi way then pastries are a must.

These lovely photos are from the Cereal website, and they show a light space full of character that looks inviting and cozy in that true nordic style. The logo is the dala horse, which was a popular toy for children in the old days but in modern times has become a famous symbol of Sweden and it’s culture.

If you live nearby you should stop by and have a fika with friends here, I know I would!

// Photo credit: Rich Stapleton



I am a ferm believer in enjoying those little things in life, appreciate the moment and just be happy. I know there are so many things in life that can get you down (we all have those moments..) and because of that I think it’s important to have times to look back at and say to yourself “in that moment I was truly happy!” It can be things like meeting your best friend for a coffee & a chat, popping a prosecco bottle with a group of girlfriends or as simple as a walk in the park when the light hits the trees in that magical way. It can be laughing so hard that you start crying, getting a smile from a stranger just when you need it, or listening to your favourite music. Those moments are what keeps you going, those moments will lift your mood on a cloudy day and put a smile on your face.

For me one of those moments I will treasure for a long time was a cozy date with my boyfriend when we were in Norway. We decided to take a little drive to a place called Hå Gamle Prestegard, which is an old vicarage that served as the residence of a senior civil servant several hundred years ago. Today, as well as hosting exhibitions and events, you can find a cafe serving lunch as well as cakes and coffee for guests. When stepping inside you get that warm welcoming feeling, its like visiting someone you know and eating lunch in their living room. The cafe has the perfect Scandi vibe and the food is rural and hearthy. We had the chicken soup, which was perfect as it was a very windy, cold day. Sitting there in silence, enjoying the meal and looking out at the view of the pebble beach was one of those moments. A truly happy moment.

// Photo credit; Ingrid Opstad




Last week I came back to Italy from a lovely week in Norway. Here are some autumnal images I took there to start your wanderlust off..




While visiting Stavanger I had to check the newest addition in town; Kokko! After hearing so much about this coffee place I was very curious to see it for myself, and I was not disappointed. Kokko is a space for anyone interested in coffee, architecture & design. It is a café, but also has a architecture firm located on the top floor. Because of this the interior is very aesthetically pleasing with a lot of great details like an exposed brick wall, a cozy fireplace and a open wood shelf. There is also a great selection of design and lifestyle books for sale, and of course coffee plus delicious looking food.




I also had a lovely walk along the Hafrsfjord walking path looking at cute houses, the beautiful scenery and breathing in the fresh autumn air – recommended if you are in the area!






// Photo credit: Ingrid Opstad