Hygge is not just something us Scandinavian’s do in our homes, the feeling can also be found outdoors. Now at winter simply put on your warm, comfortable clothes and go outside for a winter walk alone or with friends. And although you might think that the feeling is reserved mostly for winter & autumn time, you can still experience hygge during the spring & summer months. Something to look forward to!

Living in Italy I do sometimes miss the Norwegian nature and landscape. There is nothing quite like the view of the fjord or a walk in the many hiking places we have. Lucky for me however, I do live very close to Monza park – the fourth largest park in Europe. Here you can find anything from a farm, a stunning royal villa, race tracks to cute cafés and restaurants. For me this is one of my happy places, especially now this period when it is nice and crisp outside. I love going here for a walk to clear my head and find peace. It is also a great place to enjoy a picnic with friends, outdoor concerts or events and bike rides, which is all very hygge.

These photos were taken on a foggy and chilly but nice day last week when I went out for a little lunchtime walk. The fog made it look so magical and really set the tone!

What is your happy place, where do you enjoy outdoor hygge now at wintertime?

// Photo credit; Ingrid Opstad



Where did January go? Suddenly February has already knocked on the door, entered and said hi.. I think this period goes so fast for anyone who is a slow living, sweater weather and candle light lover. All of us who enjoy that cozy life and appreciate being inside on dark and cold days. This week has been very grey and misty here, and it was the perfect excuse to cuddle up and watch tv in the evenings. I am currently obsessed with the show the Vikings, I think it must be the beautiful nordic scenery mixed with learning more about Scandinavian history that gets me. If you haven’t seen it already and want to know more about Scandinavian heritage I recommend it, but be warned – it’s very violent!

January was all about getting back into normal life after Christmas, and a period a lot of you have enjoyed spending indoors. I love seeing all your cozy moments shared on the Instagram feed, you definitely know how to hygge! But it has not only been a time to spend indoors, because a lot of you have also captured beautiful images of your travels and snow-covered winter landscapes. I am quite jealous actually, as we have not had any snow this year.. I might have to take a little trip up to the alps to get my snow-fix.

I have selected 4 of the January images from Instagram to share with you, as well as a quote from each of them about what That Scandinavian Feeling means to them. If you haven’t already had a look, be sure to check out the #thatscandinavianfeeling feed for more! Just click on the hashtag below and it will take you to the feed;

1 // ​​@​eleshining
​”​​That Scandinavian Feeling is something intangible, so hard to describe. For me it is the sensation of the Sunday morning light entering through the window, a cup of tea, the forest treasures that you picked up in the mountains, your cat purring, a knitted blanket, a book and of course candle lights. It’s a way of living, a state of mind. If you appreciate the little things in life, if you are able to keep it simple, if you love slow living, if you are constantly in contact with nature both outside and inside your home… then you already know what That Scandinavian Feeling is!”

2 // ​​​@a_hurricane
​”​​To me that certain Scandinavian feeling is being able to find warmth and comfort in the simplest of things, when a few candles are enough to replace the sun or when crisp white walls are enough to replace the light of summer days. When straight lines and noble materials are enough to replace intricate designs and embellishments and still feel like the most beautiful thing because they look so pure and organic.”

3 // ​​@​hjemoghus
​”​​That Scandinavian Feeling is of course about natural materials, great clean designs and craftsmanship. But even more important it is a way of living and a state of mind. Personally I’m very passionate about art and literature and I’m proud of the fact that The Modern Breakthrough was a Scandinavian thing.”

4 // ​​@​lisa_achterkamp
​”​​To me, That Scandinavian Feeling means enjoying the little things in life while being surrounded by my loved ones. During the winter it means a slow start on sunday morning with breakfast in bed, followed by a cold winter walk and getting cosy by a warm fire.”

As this will be a monthly post, I do hope you join in and share your images on Instagram too! Its a great way for us all to get together and spread some hygge. So what is That Scandinavian Feeling to you?



What is hygge? Well, hygge is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, a state of coziness & calm that you will get from enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

I am happy to announce that I recently opened up a brand new Etsy shop! The first item I designed for it is this beanie hat with hygge in mind, because being warm and cozy in the winter is very essential for all us Scandinavians.

The hat itself is a lovely dark grey colour with a cute pom pom on the top. On the front there is a ‘HYGGE feeling’ embroidery, perfect for anyone that wants to spread the hygge feeling when they walk around.

You can find the beanie here, and make sure you follow me on Instagram for upcoming giveaway’s where you can win it!

// Photo credit; Ingrid Opstad



Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas period and enjoyed a lot of hygge with family and friends. From what I can see of all the cozy images shared this month over on Instagram it looks like it’s been full of lovely moments – tidings of comfort and joy. In some parts of Scandinavia people have enjoyed the snow and cold weather, but probably even more so the warmth from staying inside wrapped in a blanket with a hot chocolate. Candles & fairly lights as well as festive decorations have been a part of creating a nice atmosphere in the home, making the long and dark evenings just a bit more bearable. Now we are all slowly getting rid of all things Christmas as we prepare for lighter days ahead..

I have selected 4 of the images from Instagram to share with you here on the blog, as well as a little quote from each about what That Scandinavian Feeling means to them. And if you haven’t already had a look, be sure to check out the beautiful #thatscandinavianfeeling feed for even more!

1 // ​​@bradyandnicole
​”​Getting cozy by a warm fire, while drinking hot cocoa, surrounded by beautiful, simple design, is what that Scandinavian feeling means to us.”

2 // ​@​kiri_dearie
​”​To me, That Scandinavian Feeling means warm & cozy. Candles lit all around, snuggled up with a blanket, and being with loved ones. It is a time to slow down and count your blessings.”

3 // ​​@appuntidicasa
​”​My Scandinavian feeling is about staying close with my home and trying to create a relaxed and nice atmosphere to stay. The simplicity, with a hint of creativity and beauty, of Scandinavian interior design are key to a home that welcomes you and makes you feel good. And the brightness of the spaces and the selection of colors and materials, make everything very welcoming and valuable. Feelings that I can not do without!”

4 // ​@​beingnatalia
​”​That Scandinavian Feeling is making the flat all nice and cosy with candles and fairy lights and have a night in while it’s cold outside… Especially now at Christmas time!”

I hope you get inspired by these lovely images and words to join in and share your images on Instagram too! So, what is That Scandinavian Feeling to you? How do you create a cozy environment at home or make those dark days more bearable during the winter months..?




Another month has gone by and days are getting darker and colder as we speak. November has been a very cozy month, and we have seen many lovely moments shared on the Instagram feed (in-fact we have now passed over 500 images!) For me November has been all about savouring the last of autumn as well as greeting winter. I’ve packed down my summer clothes and changed them with warm winter clothes, scarfs, hats and gloves to be prepared for what’s in store.. For me the Christmas decorations are not put out until December starts, but I have been out purchasing some new items which I am very excited to start incorporating into my home. Oh, and I have been lighting candles pretty much every evening (as well as a couple of grey days when I needed a bit of an extra pick-me-up.)

I have selected 4 of the November images from Instagram to share with you, as well as a little quote from each about what That Scandinavian Feeling is to them. If you haven’t already had a look, be sure to check out the beautiful #thatscandinavianfeeling feed where all the hygge is happening! I’m especially looking forward to see what festive images will pop up now as we are heading into December. Just click on the hashtag below and it will take you to the feed;


1 // ​@cathrinewefall
​”For me That Scandinavian Feeling is the cold & Nordic light, the raw nature and the faded palette.”


2 // ​@hildeandhercamera
“​To me, That Scandinavian Feeling is enjoying the little things and being cozy and snug inside when it’s so cold and dark outside. A new knitting project and a cup of tea goes a long way!”


3 // ​@lukindae
“​For me when that first snow comes it triggers the Christmas feeling. Living in Finland snow is a must at Christmas (otherwise it doesn’t feel like Christmas.. Yes we have had Christmases without snow too but definitely something missing then!) Winter is a long season in Finland and snow lightens everything up! It’s fun to play in the snow, making snow-angels, riding the sledge… Winter-sports are not really my thing but I love long walks in the neighbourhood on a crispy winter day. I also love the hygge effect snow gives when you are cozy indoors with the fireplace on and a lot of candles lit + warm chocolate and/or coffee is a must too! It snowed here a little last night so now the snow is back again. Really hope we will get some more and it stays until Christmas!”


4 // ​@north_polar_bear
“For me That Scandinavian Feeling definitely means chunky layers and lots of them! It’s about being relaxed and comfortable whilst embracing the less is more lifestyle – only wearing and surrounding yourself with things and people that are special to you!”


I hope you get inspired by these lovely images and words to join in and share your images on Instagram too! Or even just some words here in the comment section as I would love to hear. So, what is That Scandinavian Feeling to you? How do you create a cozy environment at home at Christmas time or make those dark days more bearable during winter?





What is your advent tradition? In Scandinavia we have a lovely tradition of lighting one candle each of the four Sundays of advent. This Kubus candle holder from by Lassen is just as nice to use all year long, but fits perfectly for advent time too! I especially love the idea of giving it an extra festive vibe by wrapping fresh rosemary around it.

// Photo credit; Sabine Wittig