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Hi there. I’m Ingrid, I am a graphic designer, and I love being creative. I get inspired by everyday life, and you can find traces of my Norwegian identity in alot of what I do. This blog will be a space for me to share my work but also somewhere I will post about things I like, places I go and things I experience. Hope you enjoy it!

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I’m a sucker for products with great packaging design, so when I saw the OATLY carton in the shop I just had to get it. I was even more excited when I found out it’s Swedish and actually tastes good.

The packaging & rebrand of Oatly was done by the Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors who treated the packaging as an advertisement space for the brand, playing on the fact that a lot of us do shop with our eyes.

All photos by Oatly



This week the winning proposals for Norway’s new banknote design was announced by Norges Bank. They decided that the designs submitted by Snøhetta and The Metric System will each represent one side of the new banknotes, which results in the perfect contrast between traditional & modern.

My favorite is the current, pixelated expression of the proposal from Snøhetta named ‘Beauty of Boundaries’. It has a clean Scandinavian feel, unlike any other banknotes I have seen. The style invites each spectator to have their own interpretation of what they are looking at, celebrating creativity and the power of imagination.





All designs by Snøhetta

“Our cubical pattern first of all represents pixels; our times visual language. Secondly, it represents mosaic; surface décor put together by different materials of different colors which together create a picture. The cubical pattern constructs the coast, the horizon, and the motive; just as we humans construct our societies on the coast”‘ – Snøhetta

You can see all of the 7 design proposals & information here (all text in Norwegian..)

The bank is now working on incorporating the security elements required for the notes to be functional, and in the meantime all of the shortlisted designs will be exhibited at Grafill in Oslo. The first new banknotes will be in circulation in 2017, and it will be very interesting to see the final product.



Photo by ingridesign

Photo by Ingrid Opstad

This weekend my brother came to visit, and since he is a massive Lego fan I decided to take him to the ART OF THE BRICK exhibition by Nathan Sawaya in Brick Lane (very fitting!) The exhibition included over 80 art sculptures which was created by millions of Lego building blocks – a recipe for success in my eyes.

Photo by ingridesign

Photo by Ingrid Opstad

I have always been interested in Lego, as from a young age my parent would take us on holiday’s to Lego Land in Denmark almost every summer. I like how versatile the bricks are, that you can create almost anything out of these simple, colorful blocks and the fact that they have become a design classic & a must-have for kids all ages.

“Dreams are built…one brick at a time” – Nathan Sawaya

Photo by ingridesign

Photo by Ingrid Opstad

The exhibition was great, almost like a Lego Land for grown ups. It was fun to go through the different rooms which all had different themes. My favorite area was where he showcased his Lego versions of classic paintings such as Mona Lisa & Scream. My brother’s highlight was probably the last room where the audience was encouraged to play.

I would recommend this exhibition for anyone who likes Lego..and who doesn’t?